Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Today is one of those WINDY days in the desert....... Granted I figured my kids would be staying in all day because they normally don't like the wind but today they have been out twice, thankfully. When they are in the house they seem to be at each other. But outside they are wonderful and play so nice together!! They had a fun adventure outside earlier, I am kicking myself (not literally) for not taking pictures of them. They decided to pick up the garbage in our yard (actually really there idea). They picked up 3 garbage bags full and found 2 missing shoes in the weeds. Yes, in the desert here we have lots of trash flying around so they go out and pick up the yard (normally not there idea) and it is usually like pulling teeth to get them out there. So it was a wonderful thing for them to volunteer!

Autumn and I hung out inside while the kids cleaned up the yard. She is really starting to coo and smile. It is the sweetest thing. I am going to have to try to capture it on film so I can share her sweetness..... I love this stage so much!!  She has really been such a wonderful baby, she has become very happy and a lot more content. She is also sleeping wonderful at night and during the day in her bed. Such a blessing! God is so good!!!

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