Monday, September 20, 2010

Another Miscellany Monday....

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
ONE - I have spent the last week taking care of a sick little girl. Besides taking care of my other cupcakes, the house and making many cards to try to relax. I am so glad she is feeling better but now Alyvia is not feeling well.. That is what comes with having lots of little cupcakes, spreading germs....... I am just praying the rest of us will stay healthy and pumping them all with vitamins!!

TWO - SO EXCITED!!!! I get to go to Wisconsin Friday for a mini vacation. I get to see my wonderful family and my sweet sweet friend Dorcas. I can't wait to sit, chat and enjoy some yummy coffee with her!! I have missed her so much!

TREE - I love how different cultures say 3. I know so random, HEHEEHEE!!

FOUR - BOWS, BOWS, and more BOWS....... That is what my life will be consumed with the next few days. I have promised the consignment shop in town bows and it has now been over a month. It just seams like something is always going on. So now as soon as I post that you will know what I am doing. CREATING BOWS!!

FIVE - My silly little baby, she is a roller and now knows how to scoot backwards. She is just so stinken cute but how do I get her to sleep through the night????

SIX - Have you hopped over to my scrap blog??? I have been creating like crazy and enjoying every minute of it!

SEVEN - Can you tell I am struggling with this blog post???

Happy Monday everyone. I will be back tomorrow to show you some adorable pictures of my cupcakes!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Miscellany Monday!!!!!

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1. I have the most AMAZING Husband!!! Yesterday he preached at our church and he did the most amazing job. His sermon was AMAZING and so heartfelt. It really opened my eyes to see God's love flowing through him. He has not preached in so long and it was so wonderful to see him up there, preaching from his heart. It was just amazing to see God work through him, I have missed him up there!!! It brought tears to my eyes.

2. Yes, something you did not know about us. I am married to a ordained pastor. Though he has not been working as a pastor he is still one at heart!!! He was the youth pastor in the church we attended in Wisconsin for YEARS and when we moved here he gave up his position. He works in our church here on the board and as a Sunday school teacher but it is not the same, I really do miss it!!! It is his true calling!!

3. Another reason my husband is amazing!!! He works so hard and is truly an AMAZING father to our beautiful children and the most wonderful husband. Last night while laying in bed I decided today I was going to dedicate my Miscellaey Monday to him.

4. I feel some days I take him for granted, that he will always be here. I don't tell him often enough how much I love him and that I am so proud of him!!! That I could not imagine my life without him!!!

5. To close to home, next week will be the one year anniversary that my husbands cousin became a widow at only 29 with 5 beautiful children, after her husband was in a horrible car accident!! My heart goes out to her and her children, so please keep them in your prayers in the next week. I could not imagine and do not want to what my life would be like without my wonderful husband!!!

6. God is good!!!!! Thank you God for my wonderful and Amazing Husband!! I love you so much Craig and thank you for all you do for us!!!!!   

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fav Photo Tuesday.....

Today is the girls first day of school. They were so excited and so nervous all at the same time. I really love uniforms, have I said that before?!?!?! Uniforms really makes life so much easier, not having to deal with the drama of being the best dressed or having the coolest shoes in school. HEHEHE

It is so quite here today, just having these two little cupcakes at home is so strange!! Zander is playing so nicely by himself. I was very nervous he would not play good by himself because he has been so used to the girls being here to entertain him. But he is really enjoying himself and has already colored and now building with his Lincoln logs! Autumn has been rolling around and playing but now it is nap time for her. I am hoping she take a good nap today and actually sleep. She needs naps, she is to little not to nap, Oh and mommy needs a break!

So on to the photos from this morning...... First Day of School!!!

Alyssa first day of 5th grade

Alyvia's first day of 2nd grade.

Aubrey 1st day of Kindergarten.

Zander did not want his picture taken and the girls were just being silly!
Autumn rolling all over.....
Zander color and I stole a picture without him knowing.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Miscellany Monday on Labor Day!!

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1. Wow, it has been way to long since I have done a Miscellany Monday, oh how I have missed you!!!!!! I have really missed being able to write my random thought down.

2. School starts tomorrow for my kiddos. Where did the summer go??? I remember just posting a bit ago about how would I survive a summer with all 5 of the kids and now I am sad it is over. It will be nice to get back into a routine but sad that they cant play freely all day. My hubby keeps say they don't have to go back to school. He just loves having them home and having freedom. The one thing I don't like about school is HOMEWORK!!!! It just takes up way to much of there free time!

3. Summer- We enjoyed our summer. Really we did not do much but it was nice and relaxing! The kids swam in the pool almost everyday, played outside, wined because there was nothing to do, watched movies, played games, made up plays and made a huge mess in there room everyday (which would become bigger everyday).  

4. Autumn - She is getting so big, she is rolling all over. If she wants to get somewhere she will roll and turn and roll and turn till she gets there. It is so cute. I have been having a hard time getting her down for a nap, I will have her asleep while nursing her and the go lay her down in her bed and BAM she is wide awake. Then she will lay there crying forever!!! She does not want to miss a thing!

5. Dishes and more dishes..... Just when I finally have gotten my laundry down to a good schedule now my dishes have gotten out of control. I feel like I do them the turn around and there is another pile in the sink. CRAZY!!!

6. Shopping - Just like a drug addict I am going through with drawls but maybe worse!! HAHAHAHA. I have not been able to spend money and really it is so hard, way harder then I thought it would be.

7. School shoes - So for 4 years now I have had to find the dreaded school shoes. For the older girls I can just get them at Payless for about $10. Well, this year they went up in price, UGH. Now last year for Aubrey they don't sell those ugly shoes in her size so the search was on. I have yet to figure out why they have to be ugly navy blue Mary Jane's, black would be SO much easier!!  Navy shoes are impossible to find for little girls or so expensive it is ridicule's! Last year I found a pair for Aubrey on sale for $22 and this year thankfully I found a pair for her for $18. I remember to look at Payless while I was at the mall the other day and found they don't sell her size at Payless. I am so glad I remembered to check while I was there so I could check other stores, crisis averted. It is crazy s shoe so little can be so pricey. I just hate don't like spending money on such ugly shoes, HAHAHA. 

8. As I am sitting here typing Autumn just learned how to click her tongue. How cute is that!?!?!? I just love this age and how they learn new things everyday.

Happy Labor Day Everyone!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Where are you?????

I don't even know where to start. I have been struggling with my blogging. I actually almost deleted both of my blogs last week but a sweet friend of mine talked me out of it. I have just been thinking what I write is not good enough. I know I talked about this before and that I was just going to try to get back to why I started blogging. For some reason I am still struggling with it and life in general. But this week after talking to Dorcas and a few other people I have come to the realization. I am not blogging for myself but for my children. I am keeping a journal so that I remember the little things in life that we forget about in our busy lives!!! The silly things they say or something fun we do. So, I am back, really this time I am. I might change a few things here and there but I need to get back to posting. Thank you for listening to my rants again and again.