Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sleepless night....

Autumn is 10 days old today. Autumn is such a sweet baby. She has her days and nights mixed up or maybe she just wants to be held all of the time! Last night she was up for 4 hours and did not like it when I put her down. But other then that she really never cries unless she is hungry or I change her diaper. She does not like to be cold at all!!

The kids are all adjusting to her so well and really are doing great. It has not been bad at all. I figured lots of fits and acting out but there really has not been much. It actually has just been like normal :) God is so good! Autumn just fits in our family perfect. It is so crazy, it does not feel much different having 5 then 4. Our children are so precious!!!!

Sorry I have not posted the birth story. With family here it has been hard to be online much, I would rather spend time with them :) My Dad got here yesterday and it has been so wonderful having both of our parents here. Such a blessing!! My Dad brought Autumn a gift. He got her 2 pj's, an outfit and some onsies and pair of pants all newborn, YEAH, she actually has clothes to wear. They are all so cute too!!! He has great taste!! Autumn is such a peanut that even the newboarn stuff is big.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

One week

WOW, I have not updated my blog for so long! Alot has happend since I updated last. I spent almost a week in the hospital and Autumn has arrived. She is a week old today. We are doing wonderful and starting to adjust. She is sleeping so good at night and is waking up about every 4 hours to eat.
My Mom has been here since last monday the 8th, she made it just in time. We could not have imagined her not being here. It has ment so much!!! She is an amazing women and has been helping so much!! I love you MOM!!!!
Craig's parents got here the same day we got to come home from the hospital. So it has been a little crazy and not been online much with everyone here and just adjusting to life and trying to rest.....
I will try in the next few days to post the birth story but here are a few pictures of our new little Autumn Grace. Born on Feb 11 at 12:20pm, she was 6 lbs 11 oz and 19 in.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I rock, LOL

I am so proud of myself!! I figured out how to make my own header and edit the page divider thing. I love my header now. I am so glad I figured it out. Of course I used the same background copyed a few times to make my header as what I have and I don't claim it as my own. I just tweaked it so I could make a header to match and added text. I am so excited to have something valentinish, lol.

Well, Yesterday was my baby shower and it was so much fun. We played some fun games courtesy of Joy. The first was guess how much toilet paper would go around my belly. 12 sheets to be exact, lol... Then they played pass the present. Kind of like musical chairs but whoever got the present would unwrap the present and and it continued to go around until it was all the way around an whoever ended up with it unwrapped when the music went of was the winner. Then they played write a funny story with 20 words from the list joy gave, had to use them all. I had to pick a winner, every ones were funny. I got lots of great gifts!! It really was such a blessing and a wonderful time!

Friday, February 5, 2010

New background....

So I am obsessed with changing up my blog!! Well, I really wanted a valentines theme but I stumbled upon this background. I am so obsessed with giraffe's and owl's lately! Love them both!!! Nothing else really new just relaxing today on the couch, hoping my contractions stay mild and I make it till Monday!! Well, I found this awesome sight but I have to change everything...

Well, yesterday I made a few brown and pinks bows for Autumn. I did not take any pictures though. I was to lazy ;) I also cut Zander and Craig's hair. It had been weeks and weeks.... my poor guys, so neglected!

I was thinking about doing a new post every Friday about my favorite things but I have to get creative and think of a few things before I start it..... maybe I will work on that later this afternoon. We will see, lol ;) I got the idea from my awesome friend Liz. She did a post on her blog and it was super cute and fun, Loved it!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

37 weeks and 2 days

Dr appointment today..... Still having contractions but they were 20 min apart but now they are just irregular and come and go. Still hard contractions when I have them. Dr. Kasko did not want to check me since I am still only 37 weeks. My hospital bag is packed and I am already just need my mom to come now ;).. Here is this weeks pregnancy pictures...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

37 weeks

I am off bed rest as of yesterday.... It was a very long day today! Yesterday Zander and I did errands. We went to Staters, Walmart and Vons to get the rest of the sale grocery's for the week and then at Walmart we got Zander a new potty and a few things I needed for the hospital. I made it to the chiropractor today and I have been having contractions on and off all day. Tonight they are getting really strong and she is really pushing down. I think I have everything ready and I just have to put everything in our hospital bag. Saturday is my baby shower and Monday my mom comes so I really was hoping to wait till my mom was here but right this second if this keeps it up not sure if she is going to wait!

Monday, February 1, 2010

How can it be February?!?!

I can not believe it is already February 1st, CRAZY!! I am so exhausted today. I have zero energy and wish I could have taken a nap. I was up a lot of the night with Zander, he has a horrible cold and just keeps coughing. His fever is down today so that is good. I am just praying I can get some sleep tonight and everyone else stays healthy!!
I really wanted to get the rest of my list done today since today is my last day on meds and bed rest but I just have zero energy. Maybe I will at least try to clean up Autumn's car seat later after I pick up the girls from school. But we will see ;)