Sunday, October 31, 2010

About time I catch up!!!! (Photo Overload)

I have missed you all. As I was talking to my parents the other day, I had a revelation. My parents actually check my blog and I also realized I have neglected my blog long enough!! I love how blogging makes me feel connected in some way to my family and friends. I did not realize how much I missed it and all of my sweet blogging friends till yesterday. I just kept putting my blog on the back burner and making excuses, so enough excuses. I want to keep my blog as updated as I can and share what is going on in our little lives with all of my sweet family and friends!!

First lets start with pictures October 2nd (better late then never) from Zander's 4th Birthday. We went out to eat at the Olive Garden, Played Chucky Cheese, opened gifts and just had a very FUN FUN day!!!!

Birthday Morning, the sweet birthday boy trying not to smile. We have a tradition in our house, they get to pick what they have for there special birthday breakfast. This year Zander wanted a sprinkle donut and chocolate milk. He was so cute he just sat there. I asked him are you not going to eat your donut and he said I am waiting for my chocolate milk.

He got lots of cards and money for his Birthday. This card he got from Grandma and Grandpa Burton had super cute Toy Story stickers and he loved them!!!

His card from Grandpa and Grandma DeMar was almost as big as him and he loved it!!!

Zander opening his gifts from Aunt Melissa and Uncle B. Cowboy stuff and the girls love playing with it to as you will see in the next picture.

Silly fake smiles at Chucky Cheese and is sisters and Daddy playing games behind him.

After lots of fun but we are missing Alyssa in this picture. She had gone ahead to go get seats at Olive Garden so she missed out on the pictures.

Olive Garden

The silly 4 and yet again missing Alyssa.

Wow is it hard to get a good picture of all 3.

I think this one is my favorite.

Just had to share this sweet smile.

Happy Sunday!!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Miscellany Monday....

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
1Fall or Autumn - How every you want to say it. It has to be one of my favorite times of the year. I have always thought summer was my favorite season but I think I love Autumn even more. Not just because it is the name of my sweet baby girl but because of the crisp air, the beautiful colors, the smells (pumpkin spice and fresh air from the windows being open) and of course homemade carmel apples, YUM YUM!!! There is something about the windows being open and the breeze through the house after being closed up all summer in the stuffy house with the air conditioning on. And those colors of fall, my FAVORITE and wow my new Pumpkin Spice Latte's, Oh so good!!!

2. I spent most of the weekend making hair bows. I think I forgot how much work they are but I do love creating them!! I am still in the process of finishing them. I am hoping to have some of them posted for sale on my etsy store and to have some down town to sell by Thursday. That is my goal for the week.

3. Autumn is crawling and sitting up..... She is crawling sideways, backwards and almost forwards. She can get wherever she wants and wow does she love the tile. She is sitting up when she wants too. She really has a mind of her own!!  It is so fun to watch her and each an everyone of my children grow and change everyday..... I am so in love with my beautiful children!!!! God has truly blessed me!

4Coffee, Coffee, Coffee.... WOW how I love the taste of you!! Going to get another cup!

5. I just realized I never posted Zander's Birthday pictures. Oh you have a lot of pictures in store for you tomorrow. I can't wait to share so I will just share one of my sweet 4 year old opening his beloved gifts. I need to bring him birthday shopping this week. He got money for his birthday and it is burning a little whole in this little mans pocket!! Trains, leggos, cars, clothes, puzzles, dino's, what will it be?????

Happy Monday sweet blogging friends!!  

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Much Needed Fav Photo Tueday....

Wow have I missed posting, I did not realize how much. So I hope you are ready for photo over load!!!! Can you believe Autumn is almost 8 months old, she is now crawling backwards, almost sitting up all by herself and rolls all over. She is growing to fast for her mamma!!! The older 3 girls are really enjoying school and are doing great in school. Zander I can not believe is 4 now. He loves his time home with mommy and Autumn. He still loves puzzles, blocks, cars, all sports and he is so stinkin cute!!! Where does the time go???

So on to Fav Photo Tuesday, I decided I would break up the pictures and I will share the Birthday pictures tomorrow. So here are the pictures of when I was in Wisconsin.

Learning to crawl

Grandpa DeMar (my Dad) and Autumn

Autumn and Grandma DeMar (My Mom)

Melissa (my sister in law) and My Mom feeling the babies moving

Autumn and Grandma DeMar

Autumn and Aunt Jenell (Craig's Sister)

Autumn and Great Grandma Hansen (Craig's Grandma)

Grandma DeMar, Autumn and Great Grandpa Marsh (my Mom's Dad)

Autumn and Great Grandpa Marsh

Daniel, Dorcas and Autumn

(my brother) Billy, Autumn and I

Grandpa DeMar (my Dad) and Autumn

Melissa, Billy, Autumn and my Mom 

Monday, October 4, 2010

Miscellanny Monday.....

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

ONE. Where oh where have I been????? Minnesota and Wisconsin. I got to go on a little mini vacation to see my family. I was so blessed to be able to help give my sweet sister in laws baby shower but she is more like a sister then an in law. She is so stinkin cute pregnant. Here are a few pictures from the shower but be sure to come back tomorrow for Fav Photo Tuesday.

The AMAZING cake my friend Sarah made.

The diaper cake

My Mom measure Melissa's baby belly.

Melissa the guest of honor. (not sure why this picture is so blurry)

Me, Melissa and my Mom

Man I really need a new camera but here is everyone who was at the shower.

TWO. Speaking of needing a new camera, I feel like I am so in need of so many things. Some days I feel so greedy. But I really do need a new camera. For some reason my pictures are really starting to look grainy and it is driving me nuts!!!!!!!!!! I have owned this camera since Alyvia was a year old which means my camera is over 7 years old. WOW

THREE.  While on my little vacation I got to spend time with my very sweet friend Dorcas. I have not seen her for a year and a half so we really had such a blast catching up, shopping, eating and drinking yummy coffee!! I have missed her so much. Here we are.

FOUR. I need to get crafting or I would go on and on with more picture and details of my trip but I better get going while Autumn is napping. I think I have over extended myself with to much on my plate!!!!!

FIVE. Last but definitely not least Saturday was my sweet Aleczander's 4th Birthday. We decided to not do a party this year and instead went to Chucky Cheese and out to eat at Olive Garden. We really had such a blast and the kids are still talking about how much fun they had playing at Chucky Cheese!!!

Here is our birthday boy opening his gifts.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for more photos.......