Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fav Photo Tuesday.........

So are you all ready for what I have been up to???? I am so blessed! I had been looking online for different ideas for my scrap area which has always been in my dinning room. So I was searching for the prefect shelf to store all of my stuff. My search brought me to the picture of this amazing scrap room, I loved it and I fell in love ;).

So I decided maybe I could do something like that in a room in our house. Mind you we have 5 children and 4 bedrooms total, so every room is pretty full. Well, I had an idea on Saturday and decided to sketch it out and see how it would look in our living room. It worked to me so I showed Craig, not thinking I would get anything for months and months. I am a planner and love to have things planned before I do anything. So, he measured and checked, then said maybe we should do it in our bedroom. I asked if I could scrap when he was sleeping, lol?!?! Not going to work in there then :). He told me go get and he would put it up, I was shocked, seriously SHOCKED!!!!!! So we finished planning it all out and I took the hour and a half drive to Ikea. I did not get home till almost 9 but it was so worth it! Thank you hunny for my own scrap space!!!!!! I seriously can not believe I have my own scrap space, still. So here it is after 3 days of putting it all together and organizing. I don't have everything I want yet for my space (like a chair) but it can wait. I am just so BLESSED so have my own space!!!!

So here is my new space.......
What do you think, any suggestions???

Here are a few of my other favorite photo's of this week......
Autumn loves her cereal.
Craig and Zander doing a puzzle
Alyvia and Aubrey dusting....
Zander helping daddy make the desk.
Our silly Dog Espresso, isn't he cute???

Monday, June 28, 2010

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{1} Busy Busy Busy...... I have been a busy little bee. I am so excited to show you tomorrow on picture Tuesday what I have been up to the last few days. Can't wait!!!

{2} Dreamin on Thursday.... I think I am going to change it up. Still trying to decide what I am going to do instead but any suggestions??

{3} Laundry...... Why do I feel like sometimes that is all I do. I feel like my children change 10 times a day just to drive me nuts.

{4} I am so craving a yummy Starbucks run. I need me a good iced coffee!!!!

{5} This post has taken me forever to write, did I tell you I was busy, busy busy?!?!

{6} It's a boy and ?..... I am so excited my brother and his wife, they found out the other day they are having a boy but could not find out the sex of the other baby yet. But hopefully in another 4 week. I am so excited for Zander that he will have a playmate.

{7} When should I move Autumn to a crib? Right now she is still in our room in a cradle. She just seams like she is getting big for the cradle now but I am a little nervous to move her to the crib in the girls room. I just don't want her to wake up the girls are night. What to do??

So I guess that is it for this week..... I am not feeling very random tonight. Not normally hard for me to be so random but I am struggling tonight. :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dreamin on Thursday and a giveaway soon.........

I am so excited my very first giveaway is coming around the corner on my other blog, Scrappin5littlecupcakes.blogspot.com and it is donated by CricutMachine.com. How exciting is that!!!!! They have a great sale going on right now too, so go check them out!!!! So be on the look out for a Super fun giveaway once I hit 50 followers or maybe I will suprise you and do it sooner. Or maybe just maybe I will host my very first challenge. Can you tell I am excited? I really can not wait to tell you what I am giving away. This has been one blessed week or maybe even two....... God is so good!!

Thank you so much CricutMachine.com!!!!

So for dreamin on Thursday I have been dreamin this week of a scrap retreat with friends. A weekend away or maybe a week with friends sounds amazing!! No kids or cares in the world, just relaxation, laughter and scrapping, oh and maybe some iced coffee!!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fav Photo Tuesday......

Today I was looking for my pictures for fav photo Tuesday and realized I had not taken any pictures of the kids this week. How is that possible?!?! So I decided I would share a few of my favorite older pictures of each of my children.

So here you go, Enjoy.....

Alyssa admiring Autumn in the hospital, so sweet!!

Alyvia and Me (36 weeks pregnant) at Autumn's baby shower.

Aubrey at the park. I just happened to catch her blowing a dandelion.

January 2010. We had thought he was in his bed and found him on the floor in the living room.

Autumn in the hospital getting blood drawn. I remember this like it was yesterday. I cannot believe she is already 4 months old!!!
I hope you enjoyed these oldies........ I need to get on the ball and take more pictures.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Another Miscellany Monday......

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{1} My kitchen cabinets are organized, yea!! One thing checked off my long list. Seriously, I have this one cabinet that never stays clean, the dreaded Tupperware cabinet. I think I might have finally figured it our but we will see.

{2} I was having one of those days when I just did not want to be a Mom for the day, just for a few hours. Ever had one of those days?? Yes, I beyond love and adore my children but some days are just hard. But now I am back at this wonderful Mom thing God has called me to do, thanks to my beautiful friend and God!! He is so amazing, reminding me of my purpose on this earth!

{3} Autumn is finally napping good. After some encouragement from the same sweet friend. Autumn is falling asleep on her own and with 5 kids I can not be rocking her to sleep everytime. I am so very thankful I listened!!!

{4} I am so in the mood to reorganize my house, every room. Today while cleaning my cabinets in the kitchen, I found so many things I did not know I had or forgot. I found a note pad for planning your weekly menu and I also found 5 bottles of vinegar (of all things).... I have no clue why I have so many bottles of vinegar!!!

{5} Our neighbour dog is so annoying!!! I went to bed last night at 10:45 and did not fall asleep till after one. He was barking and barking....... I almost called the cops but then he stopped. I hate when he barks it makes me think there is someone outside, so scary!!

{6} My lips are constantly pealing, I drink tons of water and use chap stick. What is the deal???

{7} Have I told you that I have one of the best friends God could give a girl?!?! My friend Dorcas, yes we live thousands of miles away but she is how I keep my sanity during the day! We chat during the day, encouraging each other and pray for each other. She is such a blessing and miss her so much!!! Love you my dear friend!!!!!!!! {hugs}

{8} My scrap area is such a mess!! I really need to figure out how to organize it. I need storage containers for cheep. I don't like how expensive organizing stuff is!! My paper is everywhere.

{9} The pool was worth 3 hours of torture, lol. The kids are loving it!! They swim in it everyday. Now how to keep the bugs out of it? They spend at least 15 minutes a day fishing out the bugs, they won't swim with them in it.

{10} What is for dinner??? We were grocery shopping yesterday, yes, me and my 5 kiddos. The looks I get when I bring them with me, people think I am crazy. Okay anyway, Alyssa always picks up these recipes and then we try them. Well, yesterday was the jackpot, I made Beefy Bean Tostadas. I will have to post the recipe. It was a huge hit with everyone!!! So what to make tonight?

{11} So while shopping yesterday we found these amazing crackers or at least we all think so, being from Wisconsin. They are Wisconsin Colby Cheese Wheat Thins, oh so yummy!!!!!

Enjoy your Monday because soon it will be Tuesday......... =)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day...

Happy Father's Day to the Wonderful Father's in my Life. First to My AMAZING Husband! You are such an amazing father to our children and I love you so much!! LOVE YOU hunny!!!

2nd Happy Father's Day to my wonderful Daddy. I miss you so so much, really we all miss you so much and send big kisses and hugs, wish we could be there to celebrate with you. You are such a wonderful Father and Grandpa. I love you Daddy!!!! {hugs}

Last but not least Happy Father's Day to my Father in Law, Lowell. You are such a great Father and Grandpa too. We miss you lots and wish we could spend the day celebrating too. Loves from all of us!

It is so hard to be so far away from family on holiday's but oh so thankful for technology!!!

I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful relaxing Father's Day!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

One crazy day..........

What was I thinking, me and my brilliant ideas. Yes, that was sarcasm...... I decided a little pool would be a great thing for the kids to keep them busy this summer. Not anything I have not done before but I guess that was with 4 kids not 5. Everything is different when you have a little baby and a crabby one at that. It has been one of those days with Autumn. Well, a simple project that should have taken 30 minutes at the most turned into a 3 hour ordeal........ I got home from the store with kids, tarp and pool in tow. Alyssa reminded me that our Pastor borrowed our air pump, so I called and they brought it over. The tarp all set up and pool layed out on top so we don't get holes and realized the pump only has a car adapter. So, I pull the car around, no go, this is going to take a lifetime!!! It is just one of those ones to pump up a tire. So I got an idea, Rex and Nora have an air compressor (my husbands cousins) and they live right next to us. I run over there with the pool but they are not home, another no go. I searched for 20 minutes for the adapter, no were to be found. So after calling Nora and texting my hubby for another 30 minutes. Craig reminded me we have an air mattress pump. Wow, where were you a few hours ago??? Seriously once I found the pump it took me 5 minutes to blow it up. Now just to put water in it, simple enough right? Well, not when the stupid spray nozzle is twisted on wrong. I could not get it off and so off I went to search for pliers. Found one after about 10 minutes or longer. Remember all along I am taking care of my 4 children and 1 even more crabby baby by this point!!! So finally after 3 hours I sat down to feed my very sad baby and 4 happy children playing in there new pool....

It really was a wonderful but hard and LONG day!!!

 Zander only went in for a second but he loved watching....

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dreamin on Thursday...

My kids just put on a little play for me it was so cute! Goldie Locks and the Three bears (or two). It was quite funny. They love to put on plays. I will try to edit the video and get it up later if I can muster up the gusto. I am in such a slump today and just feel out of sorts. It has been hard to be alone most of the time with all five of the kids. It is very draining, so that brings me to Dreamin on Thursday....

Right now I am dreaming of a quite Island Get Away by myself or maybe with a Friend ;), a Pedicure, Acrylic Nails, a Massage, facial, and an iced Coffee.
Oh the sound of the ocean would be heaven right about now, PEACE........
Doesn't that look PEACEFUL!!!
I just love getting a pedicure and I love how my feet feel after.
Oh I just love having acrylics, I really dislike my nails and I just feel so pretty when I have my nails done!!

A massage and facial, wow, that would feel like heaven! Oh and to have a massage on a beach would be AMAZING and oh so relaxing....

Iced Coffee, an Island get away would not be complete without a yummy drink, coffee.

This picture is what I would love to do the rest of my island vacation.........

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Favorite Photo Tuesday.....


Picnic at the park. (yes, that is fake grass)

He is finally getting brave and playing at the park.
 Sweet smiles
I just love this picture of Alyvia, she has such beautiful eyes!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
I just LOVE Miscellany Monday....... Carissa has such a fun blog check it out if you have a minute!!!

{1} Summertime, I love the summer but it has been interesting to be alone with all 5 of the kids during the day. We have gone to the park, watched movies, played in our back yard, crafts, baked and even had a picnic and we are not even done with the first week home, lol. What are we going to do all summer??? I know I talked about this before but this is what I think of daily when I wake up, what are we going to do today?!?!

{2} Nap time, Rest time, whatever you want to call is one of my favorite times of the day. I just love how quite it is. I started a new thing with my kids. After lunch they lay down for an hour and read, look at books or if they are crabby that day I make them take a nap. I set a timer for one hour and so far it has worked awesome. Gives me a little quite time to sit and relax. :)

{3} WOW, my vehicle is so DIRTY!!! I think I should make that my project this week to get it cleaned on the inside and then when I go into town get the outside cleaned. It is so bad!! I hate living on a dirt road, it get so dirty so fast!

{4} I am so behind on sending my cards out for church Birthdays and Anniversary's. I normally sit down and fill them all out once a month or two months worth but I have been so lazy lately. I have not even done this months yet. Something else to put on my list of things to do.

{5} It is amazing what can happen when you just trust God and pray for His will in your life!! He is so faithful. My husband got a job we have been praying about, a huge job!! Praise GOD!!!

{6} I am in the process of uploading pictures to Shutterfly so I can get them printed. I can not wait to see how the ones we had taken last Sunday turn out. I really want to put them up on my walls. I also need to print pictures for Zander's scrapbook, I need to get going on his album!!

Well, that is all the miscellany I can think of for this week. I hope you all have a very blessed Monday!! 

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Few of my Favorite Things....

What a beautiful relaxing weekend. It is so beautiful outside, the windows are open, the birds are chirping, and it has cooled down with a little breeze. Here in the desert we don't get many day like this, normally it is over 100 so it is so very refreshing!!

I decided I would share a few more of my favorite things today......

{1} My new favorite thing is my Gypsy. Thank you to my sweet Dorcas! It holds all of my Cricut cartridges and lets me design all of my fun craft projects on the go. It comes with me pretty much wherever I go. ;)

{2} Flip Flops... I wear them year round and my little feet pay for it. I so need a pedicure :) But I just love them....

{3} C.O. Bigelow® Mentha Lip Tint in Plum from Bath and Body Works. I just love how it feel, smell and even tastes......
{4} Anti-Bacterial Deep Cleansing Hand Soap, Kitchen Lemon also from Bath and Body Works. I just love this soap, it smells oh so good!! I have been missing it, I have not broke down and bought it in months. I just love it!!

{5} BabyGanics - The Germinator. I just found this product not to long ago at Walmart and I absolutely love it. The germinator is a hand sanitizer; great for after changing a diaper or coming out of the store, alcohol free, moisturizing and I love the one that is tangerine scented.

{6} Another one from Bath and Body Works, Body Splash Sheer Freesia scent. It is great for those hot sweaty days!
{7} This picture of me and my girls and the picture of Craig and the kids..... It has to be my favorite picture out of all of the pictures we had taken on Sunday.

Have a wonderful and blessed weekend!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Welcome to my new blog....

So what do you think of my new blog? It was a lot of work but so fun to design. I was so excited yesterday was the day I got my disk with the pictures we had taken on Sunday. I am so excited to share our photo's with you all so I added some to my new blog design. I just love how they turned out!!! I even created my own blog button, so grab it if you want. What do you think?

Yesterday was my girls last day of school for the year. Crazy how this school year went by so fast!! What are we going to do this summer to keep ourselves busy?

So, I was laying in bed last night trying to go back to sleep after feeding Autumn and I had this wacky idea, make a schedule for the summer, lol. I am so not a schedule person but I think I might try it. I guess I need to start making a list of activity's we can do. I also had some other ideas but not sure how to go about them. My main idea was tickets and jars, hehehe. Okay, we have been doing the ticket system for a long time(and it has worked awesome) but never have let them or had a way for them to redeem them. They would get ticket for doing chores. So I was thinking last night (in bed while I was trying to sleep), I have been having so much trouble with them fighting, calling names, being crabby and just being at each other, oh and not to mention whining when I ask them to do something. I need to do something to change there attitudes, so lets start the tickets back up but with a different approach. So I had this thought (scary I know, hee hee) get jars, like canning jars or something like that. Use my cricut, some vinyl and put there names on each and every time they do something without whining, a good deed for each other, play nice, do there jobs, use kind words they can get a ticket. At the end of the week we will count the ticket if they have a certain amount of tickets, not sure on details yet. We will go do something special, toes painted, McDonald's, Starbucks, Ice Cream at the ice cream shop, a movie or pick out a special something. I will let you all know how it goes.....

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Equipped for His call

So I was reading my devotions last night, this one really hit home so I wanted to share. I just got this new Bible for Mother's Day and I love it!! It is called a busy mom Devotional Bible, NIV.
Besides being so pretty, it is pink and brown leather, I have learned so much just in the last two months I have had it (it was an early mother's day present since I found it as an awesome deal). I have been a christian since I was 6 but this Bible has just made me look at the word of God in a different way.

So here is what my devotions were:

Has God called you to a task for which you feel completely inadequate? Perhaps you're parenting a child with a disability, disciplining a strong willed child, battling to preserve your marriage. The key to taking on the extraordinary challenge is to worship God, to spend time in His presence meditating on how awesome He is. When we praise God's holiness and majesty, when we focus on His strength and wisdom, then we are assured of the courage and vigor he makes available to us - the power to go one more mile, to love one more hour, to forgive one more time. We can face these hard assignments with confidence that if God has called us, He will equip us.

Philippians 1:6 "Being confident of this, that He who has began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ return."

God is so faithful! What can you praise God about today?