Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Today is one of those WINDY days in the desert....... Granted I figured my kids would be staying in all day because they normally don't like the wind but today they have been out twice, thankfully. When they are in the house they seem to be at each other. But outside they are wonderful and play so nice together!! They had a fun adventure outside earlier, I am kicking myself (not literally) for not taking pictures of them. They decided to pick up the garbage in our yard (actually really there idea). They picked up 3 garbage bags full and found 2 missing shoes in the weeds. Yes, in the desert here we have lots of trash flying around so they go out and pick up the yard (normally not there idea) and it is usually like pulling teeth to get them out there. So it was a wonderful thing for them to volunteer!

Autumn and I hung out inside while the kids cleaned up the yard. She is really starting to coo and smile. It is the sweetest thing. I am going to have to try to capture it on film so I can share her sweetness..... I love this stage so much!!  She has really been such a wonderful baby, she has become very happy and a lot more content. She is also sleeping wonderful at night and during the day in her bed. Such a blessing! God is so good!!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fav Photo Tuesday & SPRING Break....

So spring break started yesterday, not sure how we are going to make it through this week. They are at eachother already and complaining they are board. I am not sure how they can be board, they have so many things to play with and to do. I think we are going to have to find some fun projects to do, Any ideas?!?!

As we speak my girls are getting to play spa with Rachel and Chy. Chy is so sweet she bought nail polish for them and came to paint there nails. That will keep them busy for an hour.

So now for some of my favorite photos of the week.........
I love how he clouds look in this picture, also if you click on the picture you can see the beautiful snowy moutains too.

So cute sleeping with his buzz lightyear!
I just love how in this picture Who the girls are in the air and Aubrey looks like she is flying off the trampoine. She really didn't though.

He did not want his picture taken but I stole one.

So sleepy......

Monday, March 29, 2010

New blog announcement....

I started a new blog yesterday for all of my crafty stuff. I wanted a separate place to share all of my projects I have done or am working on. I am in the process of taking pictures of my favorite pages in Aubrey's baby album, I scrap booked. Till I have new scrapbook pages, card or other things to share I will share scrapbook pages I have done in the past. I need to get out my craft stuff and get going but it have been HARD with a clingy 6 week old.

I think Autumn is going through a growth spurt because all she has let me do lately is sit on the couch and feed her. Well, my butt has not been appreciating that at all. I officially need to loss weight! I thought you are supposed to loose weight from nursing well the opposite is happening for me. I have gained about 5 pounds in the last few weeks, it does not help at all that I am hungry all of the time and can not get full!!! I was talking to my friend this afternoon about this and I realise I have been eating a lot of chocolate and junk. So first off I decided I just need to make better food choices, drink more water, eat more fruit and less junk. Something else that has worked in the last is not eat past 7 pm. So today officially I on the way to a healthier me just by the little changes I am making!!! I would love to lose about 40 to 50 pounds but I will start with my goal being loosing 20 pounds, to be under my pre pregnancy weight. Right now that sounds wonderful to me!!!

Laundry, dishes and oh, the little cupcake are calling my name. ta ta for now........

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


So I made an amazing dinner last night or at least I loved it. No but really everyone in my family loves it and it is SO easy!! A friend of ours brought us dinner a few weeks ago after I had Autumn and she gave me the recipe because it was AMAZING!!
Chicken Fajita's

About 6-8 chicken breast (about 6 is what feeds our family with leftovers)
Large container of mild salsa or picanti sauce

I put in a can of chicken broth for a little extra moisture

Put all 3 ingredence in the crockpot for about 6 hours on low. While chicken is cooking sauta onion and pepper. When the chicken is cooked just shread it.

Serve with tortias, sour cream, salsa and cheese.
Oh so GOOD!!!

So here is what my hair looks like, this picture is for Dorcas. It just is the same as usual :) I just got highlight and a trim but made her add lots of layers but not really much different.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fav Photo Tuesday....

So before I run out the door for the day. I get to go get my hair done. Nick and Nora are going to watch my 3 youngest. I am beyond excited to get my hair done and get some mommy time!!

So here is todays pictures, yes you have seen the first picture before but I wanted to share my project I made to, while sitting here nursing.

The pictures with my mom and B (my brother Billy) are from when they were here to visit at Christmas. Precious!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Relaxing weekend

well sort of. Saturday we did alot of little project or maybe big. Then Zander and I made nummy chocolate chip banana muffins. We just relaxed the rest of the evening. Sunday was very relaxing, after church we just sat around. The kids played outside, I tryed to take a nap which did not really work because Autumn woke up and wanted to eat. With the new playground outside comes more work. Which is okay at least the kids are outside and having SO MUCH FUN!!! More laundry and more baths........  So after they came in, took a bath and had dinner, Craig and Alyssa went to church. I stayed home with the other kids, we watched a movie, had popcorn and relaxed on the couch. What a great night with my little cupcakes!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Well, we were blessed this week with an AMAZING deal on a playground for our children and they are very THANKFUL and LOVING IT!!! They got a swingset / jungle gym or as they call it there tree house, trampoline and a plastic castle. They have been on it almost every moment they can! So here are some pictures. God is so GOOD!!!!

We have had such a great weekend, we have gotten so much done and I finally finished folding my 12 loads of laundry. Such a great feeling! I am off to bed........

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dreaming on Thursday........

So I never ended up finishing my Thursday post becasue I have been working on my blog yet again. Also we had a very busy day Thursday. Thursday's are always BUSY with the girls home work after school and then on top of that we now have a play ground in our backyard, YES, you heard me right a literal playgound. I will share pictures tomorrow but the kids have been out there non stop. Which is wonderful because it has always been like pulling teeth to get them outside. So to say the least they LOVE IT!!!!!!!!
So on to my dreaming on Thursday.........The one and only thing I could think of this week that I am BEYOND dreaming about now is, with the release of 10 new Cricut Cartridges this week. Is my list of cartridges that I have had and now it just keeps GROWING...............

So here it is, my must have Cricut cartridges that I am DREAMING about;
Old West
Once upon a princess
Sweet treats
Create a critter
Independence Day Seasonal
"Just Because" card
Give a Hoot
When It's Cold Outside Seasonal
Snow Friends Seasonal
Winter Woodlands
Hello Kitty Font
From My Kitchen
Stone Script
Tear Drop
Sports Mania

Okay so yes I got a little carried away but I linked them all so just click on the cartridge and you can see it on the cricut website. I hope you had a wonderful week and had fun dreaming with me on THURSDAY!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patty's day....

No we are not irish, I would not even known it was St. Patricks day but my girls go to a Catholic school and they celebrate St. Patricks day. It was a special day at school today for them, they had a special lunch (corn beef sandwiches, green jello and a green dessert). They got to wear green too. It was so funny, the only thing they had green to wear besides hair pretty's were green socks. So funny because they are those big fuzzy sock, they got them for Christmas in there stockings, oh and they are more neon then the leprechaun green. They are quite big for there school shoes, I tryed to get some pictures of them, Alyvia at one point had them pulled up to her knees but she did not like that. Alyssa was helping her roll them down, lol. The only picture I got of the girls was on my phone, they did not want there picture taken at all but I got one, hehehe..

It has been a great couple of days with Autumn!!! She is being such a sweet baby, like night and day from the last week. On Monday I could not take it anymore and broke down and brought her to the chiropractor. He adjusted her and started me on probiotics. He thinks because of the antiobiotics I was on in the hospital it could both her tummy. I actually have been having alot of problems with my stumach also. But since I started it is so much better. She is actually swinging in her swing at the moment. While normally she is screaming her head off while in there. Oh, I did not buy a new swing or bounce like I planned, so she is still in the same swing she hated!!! She is sleeping so much better also!!!! So wonderful to have a happy baby. Thank you GOD!!!!!

The kids had an idea the other night to eat dessert outside and watch the sunset. So cute, so here they are.

I am going to start a new page today on my blog, not sure what to name it though. Any suggestions?? I wanted to name it something witty.... It will be about the scrapbooking projects I have or am doing, card making and other crafts. I just thought I would share them with you all. I am planning on getting out my craft stuff later today and making some cards but we will have to see what this day hold.

Oh, also we have a super fun suprise happening for the kids today and I am so excited!!!!!! They do not know, so don't say a thing ;)...... I will say one thing, no more having to go to the park and it is something we have always wanted to get for them, YEAH!!! We got an amazing God deal, now I am praying we can just get it here without breaking anything or hurting anyone, hehehe. I will share pictures tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fav Photo Tuesday.....

So I decided I would start doing a post on Tuesday's called Fav Photo Tuesday. Yes, I know I post pictures all the time but these will be some of my favorite photo's of the week.

So here you go, yes these are all pictures of Autumn. As you know we had her pictures taken and then I have been experimenting with taking photo's. Also if you want to see the picture bigger just click on the picture! My friend Dee took these pictures of Autumn below till the picture of me and Autumn. The ones after that I took and I also took the picture of her feet. So here they all are.......
Talking to mommy.....

Smiling at mommy for the first time!

I hope you enjoy all of the pictures....