Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patty's day....

No we are not irish, I would not even known it was St. Patricks day but my girls go to a Catholic school and they celebrate St. Patricks day. It was a special day at school today for them, they had a special lunch (corn beef sandwiches, green jello and a green dessert). They got to wear green too. It was so funny, the only thing they had green to wear besides hair pretty's were green socks. So funny because they are those big fuzzy sock, they got them for Christmas in there stockings, oh and they are more neon then the leprechaun green. They are quite big for there school shoes, I tryed to get some pictures of them, Alyvia at one point had them pulled up to her knees but she did not like that. Alyssa was helping her roll them down, lol. The only picture I got of the girls was on my phone, they did not want there picture taken at all but I got one, hehehe..

It has been a great couple of days with Autumn!!! She is being such a sweet baby, like night and day from the last week. On Monday I could not take it anymore and broke down and brought her to the chiropractor. He adjusted her and started me on probiotics. He thinks because of the antiobiotics I was on in the hospital it could both her tummy. I actually have been having alot of problems with my stumach also. But since I started it is so much better. She is actually swinging in her swing at the moment. While normally she is screaming her head off while in there. Oh, I did not buy a new swing or bounce like I planned, so she is still in the same swing she hated!!! She is sleeping so much better also!!!! So wonderful to have a happy baby. Thank you GOD!!!!!

The kids had an idea the other night to eat dessert outside and watch the sunset. So cute, so here they are.

I am going to start a new page today on my blog, not sure what to name it though. Any suggestions?? I wanted to name it something witty.... It will be about the scrapbooking projects I have or am doing, card making and other crafts. I just thought I would share them with you all. I am planning on getting out my craft stuff later today and making some cards but we will have to see what this day hold.

Oh, also we have a super fun suprise happening for the kids today and I am so excited!!!!!! They do not know, so don't say a thing ;)...... I will say one thing, no more having to go to the park and it is something we have always wanted to get for them, YEAH!!! We got an amazing God deal, now I am praying we can just get it here without breaking anything or hurting anyone, hehehe. I will share pictures tomorrow!

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Dorcas said...

I know I know! I swing set!!! One of the those rainbow ones! RIght? LOL About the page, maybe, scrappity something? Or um... I don't know! well hopefully you will figure out what to call it! It'll be fun! Can't wait to see it. You know my story with my scrap stuff, now I just need to patiently wait for the hubby :P