Monday, March 22, 2010

Relaxing weekend

well sort of. Saturday we did alot of little project or maybe big. Then Zander and I made nummy chocolate chip banana muffins. We just relaxed the rest of the evening. Sunday was very relaxing, after church we just sat around. The kids played outside, I tryed to take a nap which did not really work because Autumn woke up and wanted to eat. With the new playground outside comes more work. Which is okay at least the kids are outside and having SO MUCH FUN!!! More laundry and more baths........  So after they came in, took a bath and had dinner, Craig and Alyssa went to church. I stayed home with the other kids, we watched a movie, had popcorn and relaxed on the couch. What a great night with my little cupcakes!!

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DORCAS said...

Taking time to just RELAX is the best thing you can do! Autumn looks so peaceful sleeping! It's awesome that she is in the bouncy now and actually not crying :)