Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

I am so bummed my parents could not come and join us in Colorado, my mom has H1N1, so sad!! But it has been a nice day. We did not get here in Colorado till 4:30am and did not get to bed till after 5. Was up at 9 and not much napping happened today. Lots of good food..... Lots to be thankful for though.

We had a great time, the kids enjoyed playing with there cousins, playing games and four wheeling!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

27 weeks today....

Today I am 27 weeks pregnant, it is amazing how time seems to be flying by. She is moving and growing my next appointment is the 3rd of December. I got my bood drawn the other day for the glucose test and I have a huge bruse for it. I have never had a bruse this bad from just getting my blood taken.
I am packing and getting ready and trying to clean up the house before we leave for Colorado for Thanksgiving weekend. I am really looking forwad to seeing my parent for a few days but not excited about the 12 hour drive with 10 people in the vehical. I think I have everyone packed but myself and Craig. I really dread packing!!! Now to get it all in a bag and make sure I dont forget anything important.....
I took Alyvia to the doctor this morning. She has had a cough for 3 weeks now. They just put her on some antibiotics for her cough and said if she did not get better by the time the meds were gon to bring her back. She was so glad she did not have to miss school. Today is open house at school and they were doing projects for it. So she was excited when the doctor told her she could go.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

First Blog Post....

It is almost Thanksgiving, where has the year gone? It is amazing how fast this year has gone by! Soon it will be Christmas and then Autumn will arrive ;). I am due in less then 3 months with Autumn Grace... I feel like it was just yesterday we found out we were pregnant with # 5. We found out the Friday before Fathers Day and were blessed to find out October 3rd we are expecting another beautiful baby girl.

Zander turned 3 on the 2nd of October and we had a fun Pirate Party on the 3rd... He is already planning his next party, a helocopter party, lol!!! He is obsessed with helocopters. He is getting so big, he loves to do puzzles and color. He also loves to build with his blocks and play ball with his sisters! Him and Alyssa were playing soccer this morning before Alyssa went to school and he was so sad to see her leave. It is so great to hear there laughter!!

Aubrey is enjoy Preschool and doing all of the work the kindergartners do. She really likes it but recently I have noticed she has been getting super tired so she is staying home a little more. I have been making her take a nap at least twice a week. She is really trying to learn to write her name. We even work on it at home, she is determind to learn to write all of the letters, lol.

Alyvia is doing so good in school. She got all A's and 1 B on her report card. She really loves to get 100% on her spelling tests, which she has on everyone. She loves to draw and she is a great colorer. She is getting good at reading and enjoying it. Now I just need to find some intersting books for her to read.

Alyssa is growing up so fast, to fast!!! She is 10 and doing great in school. Like Alyvia she got all A's except one B on her report Card. She loves to read. She is such a great helper and loves to help me make dinner and write special notes for Craig and I. She is such a sweet heart!!

I better run go and get the girls from school...