Thursday, August 19, 2010

All weeks posts in ONE......

Sorry, I have been missing yet again this week. I have been really bad at this blogging thing the last two weeks. I just have not made the time to do posts or can not find the right words to explain what is going on so my post gets deleted before I post it. AUHHHHH

This week I am trying to get the girls ready for school. Shopping, organizing, marking there things, hair cuts and everything else that goes along with it. I still need to get them school shoes, which is one of the hardest things on my list because they have to be navy and navy shoes are hard to find. I also need to go through there school clothes. Thankfully they wear uniforms and we have gotten to the point where it is pass them down. But I think I need to take a few hems out of the skirts. But thankfully I still have until the 7th of September before they start. They are so ready to go back to school and I kind of am too. We need to get back to having a routine!!

Autumn has started eating cereal and fruit now every morning. She is still getting used to it, it is funny to watch her try to learn how to eat. Most of it still ends up all over her face and hands. She has really become such a wonderful baby. This week is the first week I have gotten her to take a regular nap, a 3 hour break a day is heaven!!! We have discovered she is afraid of strangers. I am praying she grows out of it soon since she will not go to anyone other then Craig, the girls or I. She is a little rolling pro, she rolls all over the floor and can get anywhere. She is getting to big way to fast!!!

I finally got Zander's room organized. It is such a good feeling! I put this things in little buckets from the Dollar Tree. It is so nice I can actually see his floor and he can put his toys away. Yea for organization!!!

I have been trying to get some crafting done. I have not gotten much accomplished though. I have at least planned out some projects which I will start working on in the next few days. I am so excited I get to make some adorable baby shower invites. They are going to be so adorable!! I can not wait to share them when I am finished.

So since I missed my fav photo Tuesday this week here is my favorite photo of the week!!

I hope you are all having a wonderful week and I will really try to be better at time management!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

My 1st Pink Design Project and Dreamin on Thursday.....

So today was our first project submission for the Pink Design Team. I wanted to share it with all of you too. So you can hop over to my other blog to check it out, I had so much fun creating my Mini Album for my hubby for our 13 year Anniversary present. I get to give it to him today since it is finally finished!

So on to Dreamin on Thursday:

#1 -  Chocolate, Chocolate and more Chocolate.......... I guess I am always dreamin about chocolate lately!!

#2 - Not being hung on 24/7.......... Which yes, I know comes along with being a mom but I feel my kids have been hanging all over me the last few days. I guess I just need a little break!!! :)

#3 - A get away with my sweet hubby. I can not wait, we are planning a little get away to San Fran. My hubby was in San Fran yesterday and today. I was so wishing I was there with him!! So we decided we will get away without any kids their soon!!

#4 Another get away, to Wisconsin..... I am BEYOND excited!! I get to go to Wisconsin for my sister in law Melissa's baby shower. I can not wait to see her adorable pregnant belly. I get to see all of our family there and my sweet friend Dorcas. SO VERY EXCITED!!!!

Happy Thursday, what are you dreamin about???

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fav Photo Tuesday - THE SHORTS.......

The shorts I was talking about yesterday in my Miscellany Monday..... Yes, each one of my baby's have wore these shorts. I found them one day when I was shopping at Baby Gap before I had Alyssa and I had to get them. They were even on clearance so I had no choice, hee hee. Can you believe I still remember that, hee hee? I LOVE a good deal! The only thing is I wish I had a picture of each of my kids in them, which I am sure I have some somewhere. Well, on to the photos of Autumn in them at least.

 Folding his Laundry (I decided to have my little cupcakes help)
Do you think they are folding????

Monday, August 9, 2010

Miscellany MONDAY>>>>>

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

ONE- I just love back to school shopping, all of the pens and pencils, the new crayons and glue. Oh and don't forget those cute folders and backpacks. At the school the girls go to I am so thankful for uniforms not clothes shopping. We only need new shoes, sock and shorts. Seriously, I LOVE clothes but when it comes to my kids it is like torture to pick out the perfect outfit just for a day at home! So there is no worrying about what they are going to wear,YEA!!

TWO- I am excited for them to get back to school for one reason only. HEE HEE Less laundry!!!! Yes you heard me right. I know it is a silly reason but I really do HATE dread laundry, I know I have posted one to many times about this but this is what I feel consumes my days.

THREE- So lately I have been debating about settling with buying a cheaper camera and not getting my beloved SLR. SIGH I won't be able to afford an SLR for a very long time and I really need a better camera and one that does video too! My video camera and camera are antiques, they are over 8 years old. I saw one in an add at Target but it does not have very good ratings. Anyone have any suggestions???

FOUR- I finally finished my project and I am so excited to share it with you all very soon!!

Five- I have these super cute shorts each of my baby's have worn. I put them on Autumn today for the first time and I still just love them! I will have to show you all a picture as soon as she wakes up from her much needed nap. I was telling the kids that they each have worn them and they were amazed! Yes, even Zander wore them.

I guess I better get off my butt and get my dreaded laundry folded while Autumn naps.

Happy Monday!!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Busy, Busy.....

Well, that reminds me of the song from veggie tales, hee hee. Busy busy dreadfully busy....... brings a smile to my face!

Sorry I have been missing most of the week. I am trying to get this project done at every chance I get when Autumn is asleep. It's been hard for me, I think I finally figured out what was holding me up. I did not have the pictures and finally today I came to the realization I can add the pictures later when they arrive but to finish everything else. I have this project to turn in for the design team and it really is turning out so cute. I am so excited!! I can not wait to share it.

Autumn is almost 6 months, I can not believe it! She is growing up way way way to fast!!
Summer is almost over too, I can not believe that school starts in just a few weeks. I am going to have a 5th grader, 2nd grader and a kindergartner, so crazy!! Zander is almost 4 in a few short months too. WOW (Dear God, can you please slow the time down just a little. Thank you Dearly, Cristi)

Zander has been obsessed with making these super cute 3D robots. We have made two so far. Here is the one we made yesterday, he is hating not liking his picture taken lately at all!

Happy Friday!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Miscellany Monday.....

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
{ONE} 13 years ago today I married the man of my DREAMS!! It is amazing how one day can change your WHOLE life and I would do that day all over again. I never thought I could love someone so much and that love could grow stronger! 

{TWO} I still remember the feeling of coming to my parents house the next day after we got married. It felt like everyone was looking at us like they knew what we did the night before and are now allowed to do. Haa Haa. Not that they weren't.

{THREE} Now 13 years later and 5 beautiful children, wow have we grown and changed. I still enjoy waking up to my amazing husband! I love him more today then I did the day we walked down the aisle and said our vows.

{FOUR} God is so amazing how he brought us together and continue to help us to grow together, each and everyday. I thank God for bringing Craig into my life!

{FIVE} Maybe someday I will share that story (how we meet) with all of you. It really is not that exciting but it just shows you how young and silly I was, hee hee! But I think I would not change a thing about it.