Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fav Photo Tuesday - THE SHORTS.......

The shorts I was talking about yesterday in my Miscellany Monday..... Yes, each one of my baby's have wore these shorts. I found them one day when I was shopping at Baby Gap before I had Alyssa and I had to get them. They were even on clearance so I had no choice, hee hee. Can you believe I still remember that, hee hee? I LOVE a good deal! The only thing is I wish I had a picture of each of my kids in them, which I am sure I have some somewhere. Well, on to the photos of Autumn in them at least.

 Folding his Laundry (I decided to have my little cupcakes help)
Do you think they are folding????


DORCAS said...

lol. its the thought that counts...right? they are so cute. loving the shorts

Anonymous said...

too cute :) I want to thank you for the kind b-day wishes !!! You and Dorcas made my day !!!

Tracy said...

Hi there! I found your blog through Tammy's blog at a Matter of Fact. I'm your newest follower! WOW! tThe shorts look great with no stains with the many cupcakes that have worn them!?! I call my children "cupcakes" also on my blog. (I have 4) Come visit me at A Slice of Smith Life! Your blog looks great and your "cupcakes" are precious!
God bless,