Monday, August 9, 2010

Miscellany MONDAY>>>>>

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

ONE- I just love back to school shopping, all of the pens and pencils, the new crayons and glue. Oh and don't forget those cute folders and backpacks. At the school the girls go to I am so thankful for uniforms not clothes shopping. We only need new shoes, sock and shorts. Seriously, I LOVE clothes but when it comes to my kids it is like torture to pick out the perfect outfit just for a day at home! So there is no worrying about what they are going to wear,YEA!!

TWO- I am excited for them to get back to school for one reason only. HEE HEE Less laundry!!!! Yes you heard me right. I know it is a silly reason but I really do HATE dread laundry, I know I have posted one to many times about this but this is what I feel consumes my days.

THREE- So lately I have been debating about settling with buying a cheaper camera and not getting my beloved SLR. SIGH I won't be able to afford an SLR for a very long time and I really need a better camera and one that does video too! My video camera and camera are antiques, they are over 8 years old. I saw one in an add at Target but it does not have very good ratings. Anyone have any suggestions???

FOUR- I finally finished my project and I am so excited to share it with you all very soon!!

Five- I have these super cute shorts each of my baby's have worn. I put them on Autumn today for the first time and I still just love them! I will have to show you all a picture as soon as she wakes up from her much needed nap. I was telling the kids that they each have worn them and they were amazed! Yes, even Zander wore them.

I guess I better get off my butt and get my dreaded laundry folded while Autumn naps.

Happy Monday!!!


Jocelyn said...

I hear you on the laundry. It will be nice to have the kids in school just to get back in routine. How cute that all your kids wore the same shorts...sounds like a scrapbook layout to me:-)

Our Family said...

I love back to school shopping too! Good luck on your laundry!

Wild and Precious said...

you should look into getting a cannon s90 -- its a point&shoot, but the best there is... you can still adjust the aperture and other settings too! i love mine. if you already have an old cannon you should look up the cannon loyalty program -- helped me get mine way discounted!!

lovely blog you have!

p.s. I found you via Lowercase Letters’ Miscellany Monday. I link up too! – hope you’ll swing by.

Mrs. Buck said...

Laundry is no fun, I always seem to start out with the best of intentions, but then I get distracted and end up with stuff left in the washer/dryer and a huge pile of clean laundry to be folded - and that pile gets shifted around our room for a day or two until I get fed up and fold it. Ugh! Where is the laundry fairy?

Mom (cathy) said...

Love Love Love the pictures.. Yes I do wonder what they were up to when they were folding clothes.. Maybe trying on things before they fold them..hehe
Love you my dear and am so excited to see you very soon.....