Monday, August 2, 2010

Miscellany Monday.....

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
{ONE} 13 years ago today I married the man of my DREAMS!! It is amazing how one day can change your WHOLE life and I would do that day all over again. I never thought I could love someone so much and that love could grow stronger! 

{TWO} I still remember the feeling of coming to my parents house the next day after we got married. It felt like everyone was looking at us like they knew what we did the night before and are now allowed to do. Haa Haa. Not that they weren't.

{THREE} Now 13 years later and 5 beautiful children, wow have we grown and changed. I still enjoy waking up to my amazing husband! I love him more today then I did the day we walked down the aisle and said our vows.

{FOUR} God is so amazing how he brought us together and continue to help us to grow together, each and everyday. I thank God for bringing Craig into my life!

{FIVE} Maybe someday I will share that story (how we meet) with all of you. It really is not that exciting but it just shows you how young and silly I was, hee hee! But I think I would not change a thing about it.  


alicia said...

Happy Anniversary!! My hubby and I will celebrate 13 years this month also!!

Our Family said...

Happy Anniversary!! I'm so happy for you! I too feel like my husband & I are more in love now then we were when we walked down the aisle- crazy!
Have a wonderful day!

tea said...

Happy anniversary!! I agree with you, it is so amazing how that love grows over the years. Such a blessing! :)

Barbie said...

Happy Anniversary! I love your wedding photo!

I remember I had to face my FIL the morning after, on our way to the airport, because we were all smiles. I was so embarrassed.

Enjoyed my visit today!

Krissy said...

Happy Anniversary. I hope I can find someone someday to spend my life with :)

I participated in Miscellany Monday too if you want to come visit us. :)

Elizabeth Anne Weddings said...

you know whats funny- i have never seen your wedding picture! lol- crazy how styles have changed right?! :)