Thursday, August 12, 2010

My 1st Pink Design Project and Dreamin on Thursday.....

So today was our first project submission for the Pink Design Team. I wanted to share it with all of you too. So you can hop over to my other blog to check it out, I had so much fun creating my Mini Album for my hubby for our 13 year Anniversary present. I get to give it to him today since it is finally finished!

So on to Dreamin on Thursday:

#1 -  Chocolate, Chocolate and more Chocolate.......... I guess I am always dreamin about chocolate lately!!

#2 - Not being hung on 24/7.......... Which yes, I know comes along with being a mom but I feel my kids have been hanging all over me the last few days. I guess I just need a little break!!! :)

#3 - A get away with my sweet hubby. I can not wait, we are planning a little get away to San Fran. My hubby was in San Fran yesterday and today. I was so wishing I was there with him!! So we decided we will get away without any kids their soon!!

#4 Another get away, to Wisconsin..... I am BEYOND excited!! I get to go to Wisconsin for my sister in law Melissa's baby shower. I can not wait to see her adorable pregnant belly. I get to see all of our family there and my sweet friend Dorcas. SO VERY EXCITED!!!!

Happy Thursday, what are you dreamin about???


tea said...

Sounds like some good dreamin! :)

Crystal Roberts said...

Wow, you are going to have a wonderful time I am sure. So understand the part about little ones hanging on you, I feel weird when mine aren't : ) I went to your other blog, great job!

Elizabeth Anne Weddings said...

wait-what?? Will I get to see you?!

Elizabeth Anne Weddings said...

wait-what?? Will I get to see you?!