Sunday, March 7, 2010

So silly and sweet

Well, we are home from church. Autumn has not slept well for two nights now because she got the horrible cold I had last week and Zander is not feeling the best either. Craig is not feeling the best either but we had potluck and he made tons of food so he thought he should bring it. I am praying we all get better quickly.

I was getting Autumn dressed this morning and I asked Zander why he was hiding behind the chair. He said, "becasue I dont like to hear her cry, I like her to be happy." I thought that was so sweet!!! He really loves her so much. I picked her up after she was laying happily on her boppy and Zander looks at me and says "I wanted to say hi to her." So cute!!!! I am going to have to try to capture a picture of him looking at her, it really is the cutest. You can see how much he loves her when he looks at her. But he does not like when I change her poopy diaper. He hides his face and askes everytime if I am done yet. It is amazing to see the love all of our children have for eachother, even if they don't show it all of the time.

Here is a picture I took the other day of Zander holding in Autumn's nuk.


Dorcas said...

OH! How sweet! I love it!!!!!:)

Elizabeth Anne Weddings said...

that is such great news! I was worried about his reaction for you so to hear he is so in love with makes my heart sing for you! :)