Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Busy, busy, busy.................

We just got back a little bit ago from Aubrey's Dr. appointment, she just had a follow up for her allergy's. Then after the appointment we went to the grocery store to pick up a few things that were on sale this week. Campbells Chicken noodle soup for .49 a can. whoo!! Oh and you can not forget craig's creamer only 1.99 a bottle (peppermint mocha)....... I guess I use it to once in awhile. Now I am sittng here doing you will never guess..... Yep that is right, feeding Autumn and typing one handed ( I am getting pretty good at it, lol).

Last minute we decided to celebrate Aubrey's Birthday this past Sunday with a little party while my mom and Craig's parents are here. Nothing fancy but it was fun for Aubrey to have them here. Here are a few pictures.


Dorcas said...

She's so pretty! How old is she now? Is she 5? It's nice to be able to celebrate with family. I love seeing the kids faces when they spend time with family. Those looks they have are priceless :)
Love you!

Cristi said...

I absolutly LOVE your profile picture, you look amazing!!! She will be 5 a week from today, I can not believe it! It is so crazy how time goes by so fast!!! How did everything go yesterday?

Dorcas said...

Thanks sweets! It all went well. I will give you the heads up as soon as I know :)