Monday, June 7, 2010

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{1} I finally got Autumn to sleep. I always told myself, never again will I rock my baby's to sleep because it does not stop as a baby. Here I am sitting here rocking Autumn to sleep. It is one of those days when she just will not fall asleep on her own, she just cries and cries in her bed. She would cry for an hour if I let her, I feel so bad, so what do I do? Pick her up, yes. So bad I know but what does a mom do when her sweet baby is unhappy? I also always said after having one thumb sucker never again but now I am tempted to let her. Craig says no way, to hard to break. I just wish she would take a nuk! 

{2} I have an obsession with dry roasted peanuts. I eat them all the time, I think I go through a container every 2 to 3 days. So nummy, hehehe.

{3} We got our pictures taken yesterday. I really love what I have seen so far. It is so hard to get all 7 of us somewhere and still be happy and in one piece, so it was such a blessing for her to come to us. She is just starting out taking family photos but she did great! I am so excited to share them with you. But here is just one as a teaser till I get the disk.

Autumn, Zander, Aubrey, Alyvia and Alyssa
Okay three. hehehe
{4} It is the last week of school, what are we going to do with ourselves this summer? Any suggestions?? I was going to drive to Wisconsin but there is no way possible, even if I had help. I could not make it all the way to Wisconsin with 4 kids, a dog and a very unhappy baby is the vehicle!!! Autumn detests her car seat! So now to find fun cheep things to do here. 

{5} I don't think some people know what it is like to have an unhappy baby. I really don't wish it on anyone but for once can someone truly understand the stress it causes a momma!!! Can I have a break?!?! Don't get me wrong I love my sweet baby Autumn but just some days can be very HARD!!!

{6} Can you believe it my house is clean???? I cleaned 2 of the bathrooms Saturday and cleaned all of the patio doors. Craig vacuumed the house for me, what a sweet, wonderful man!!! I cleaned the kitchen, my bathroom and finished the laundry for the day.   

{7} I am off to play with my new Gypsy (lol no not a person) while Autumn naps and Zander plays quietly, I hope.


alicia said...

First- what a BEAUTIFUL family!!! Love the feet pic too! You are all so stinkin' beautiful its just wrong! ;)

Crabby baby- my firstborn. My boy. My hearts desire. Crabb-O!! Screamed for hours on end and I couldn't stop it. Large group events were the WORST! I finally learned to accept that I need to pass him off once in awhile and it was ok that he was better for others than me.
Sometimes when that wasn't an option, I just cried along with him. Or called a friend and cried. Or my mom. Anyway, I feel your pain and you are in my prayers. I promise it does get much better. The crabby pants is now 9 years old and the sweetest little man around!

Cristi said...

Thank you Alicia, you make me blush!!

Thank you for the incoragement. Alyssa my first was like this but that was almost 11 years ago so Autumn just feels harder at the moment. Plus my hubby is going to be traveling some in the next month so I am a little worried to be alone with all five but God will get me through. He says He does not give us more then we can handle, right? hehehe. He must think I can handle more then I think it can ;)
Thank you for your prayers.

Mrs. Jennifer said...

Those pics are so good! Do you know my daughhter is 6 and we have yet to have a real family portrait?!? I know! So awful!

Stephanie said...

Oh my goodness! You baby is BEAUTIFUL, and those pictures look amazing. Love the little feet!
I always picked up my daughter and snuggled with her until she'd fall asleep. There's noting wrong with that, and it gives you more special time with your baby :)

Cristi said...

Thank you lady's.

It has just been a hard couple of days with Autumn it can only get better, right?