Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Equipped for His call

So I was reading my devotions last night, this one really hit home so I wanted to share. I just got this new Bible for Mother's Day and I love it!! It is called a busy mom Devotional Bible, NIV.
Besides being so pretty, it is pink and brown leather, I have learned so much just in the last two months I have had it (it was an early mother's day present since I found it as an awesome deal). I have been a christian since I was 6 but this Bible has just made me look at the word of God in a different way.

So here is what my devotions were:

Has God called you to a task for which you feel completely inadequate? Perhaps you're parenting a child with a disability, disciplining a strong willed child, battling to preserve your marriage. The key to taking on the extraordinary challenge is to worship God, to spend time in His presence meditating on how awesome He is. When we praise God's holiness and majesty, when we focus on His strength and wisdom, then we are assured of the courage and vigor he makes available to us - the power to go one more mile, to love one more hour, to forgive one more time. We can face these hard assignments with confidence that if God has called us, He will equip us.

Philippians 1:6 "Being confident of this, that He who has began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ return."

God is so faithful! What can you praise God about today?


Maggie said...

I have girl's teen study Bible that is filled with lot's of great devotionals. It haas one devotional for each week (I wish there was one for every day though...) but there is so much to learn from each devotional that I LOVE it. :)


Lynda Young said...

There is so much awesome in this post.

Thank you!!

alicia said...

Great message!!!
Love this soo much!
That looks like a great Bible- I am looking for a new devotional- the one I recently purchased has dissapointed. This Bible is now on my wish list!
Hugs today!

DORCAS said...

A friend from church bought this bible. I want to get it too. Thanks for sharing!! God is so good! I love this, now I really need to get it!