Monday, June 28, 2010

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{1} Busy Busy Busy...... I have been a busy little bee. I am so excited to show you tomorrow on picture Tuesday what I have been up to the last few days. Can't wait!!!

{2} Dreamin on Thursday.... I think I am going to change it up. Still trying to decide what I am going to do instead but any suggestions??

{3} Laundry...... Why do I feel like sometimes that is all I do. I feel like my children change 10 times a day just to drive me nuts.

{4} I am so craving a yummy Starbucks run. I need me a good iced coffee!!!!

{5} This post has taken me forever to write, did I tell you I was busy, busy busy?!?!

{6} It's a boy and ?..... I am so excited my brother and his wife, they found out the other day they are having a boy but could not find out the sex of the other baby yet. But hopefully in another 4 week. I am so excited for Zander that he will have a playmate.

{7} When should I move Autumn to a crib? Right now she is still in our room in a cradle. She just seams like she is getting big for the cradle now but I am a little nervous to move her to the crib in the girls room. I just don't want her to wake up the girls are night. What to do??

So I guess that is it for this week..... I am not feeling very random tonight. Not normally hard for me to be so random but I am struggling tonight. :)


Jocelyn said...

i hear you on the busy...i missed out on misc monday:-( and hello, starbucks sounds good, but i should probably wait till the morning:-)

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

What a great blog and your blog name is too cute.

Hope you will stop by and visit me...I have a giveaway I am drawing for tomorrow...