Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dreamin on Thursday......

So can you believe another one of my dreamin on Thursday's happened again, actually two of them! First my sweet friend Dorcas sent me a card and a Starbucks gift card inside. She is so sweet!!!! Second i know I told you I am getting a Gypsy but I did not tell you how. Well, God works in mysterious ways. It is so crazy because there was a giveaway going on for a Gypsy and I entered. I had been talking to God about it and telling Him how I would love one, so I gave it all to Him and left it in His hands. Well about 10 minutes later, Dorcas texted me and told me guess what she got. Yes, a Gypsy and she HATED it. So this went on far a few days he telling me how she hated it and I just kept telling her to try to love it, lol. So she decided to try to sell it. Well, it was not going well, to may questions and potential problems. I talked to my sweet hubby and he said I could get it. So Dorcas and I made a deal. She is getting what she was dreaming about and a few extras, shhhhhhhh don't tell (Not that she does not read my blog) and I am getting what I was dreaming about!! I am so excited it will be here later today. It is seriously amazing how God works!!!

So here is my Dreamin on Thursday this week.........

#1 I have been thinking about going to San Francisco lately, LOVE that city!!! I so want to go on a little mini vacation even just for a long weekend.

#2 Some Ghiradelli chocolate and there ice cream is to die for!

#3 A bread bowl from Boudin Sourdough Factory. This sourdough bread has to be the best in the world! If you ever get to San Fran you have to try it!!!

#4 Still dreamin about my camera I would love to have but it shall wait. I have gotten so much lately and I am so blessed!!! 

I came across this saying today on a different blog and I thought it was so TRUE!!!!


tea said...

I love the things you're dreamin' about! I would love to go to go to california someday. It's way far away from us though. It looks pretty! You made me hungry with the ice cream and the bread bowl! This was a really fun post!!

So sweet that God blessed you with the gypsy. :)

alicia said...

Love your dreamin' list. And I have no clue what a Gypsy is, but am happy for you that you got one! ;)
I just got my camera a week ago, llooooovvvveeee itt!!! Been a long wait! Will hit tomorrow morning's blog actually. ;)

Lynda Young said...

It's great to dream :)
I love the quote at the end of your post too :)