Monday, June 21, 2010

Another Miscellany Monday......

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{1} My kitchen cabinets are organized, yea!! One thing checked off my long list. Seriously, I have this one cabinet that never stays clean, the dreaded Tupperware cabinet. I think I might have finally figured it our but we will see.

{2} I was having one of those days when I just did not want to be a Mom for the day, just for a few hours. Ever had one of those days?? Yes, I beyond love and adore my children but some days are just hard. But now I am back at this wonderful Mom thing God has called me to do, thanks to my beautiful friend and God!! He is so amazing, reminding me of my purpose on this earth!

{3} Autumn is finally napping good. After some encouragement from the same sweet friend. Autumn is falling asleep on her own and with 5 kids I can not be rocking her to sleep everytime. I am so very thankful I listened!!!

{4} I am so in the mood to reorganize my house, every room. Today while cleaning my cabinets in the kitchen, I found so many things I did not know I had or forgot. I found a note pad for planning your weekly menu and I also found 5 bottles of vinegar (of all things).... I have no clue why I have so many bottles of vinegar!!!

{5} Our neighbour dog is so annoying!!! I went to bed last night at 10:45 and did not fall asleep till after one. He was barking and barking....... I almost called the cops but then he stopped. I hate when he barks it makes me think there is someone outside, so scary!!

{6} My lips are constantly pealing, I drink tons of water and use chap stick. What is the deal???

{7} Have I told you that I have one of the best friends God could give a girl?!?! My friend Dorcas, yes we live thousands of miles away but she is how I keep my sanity during the day! We chat during the day, encouraging each other and pray for each other. She is such a blessing and miss her so much!!! Love you my dear friend!!!!!!!! {hugs}

{8} My scrap area is such a mess!! I really need to figure out how to organize it. I need storage containers for cheep. I don't like how expensive organizing stuff is!! My paper is everywhere.

{9} The pool was worth 3 hours of torture, lol. The kids are loving it!! They swim in it everyday. Now how to keep the bugs out of it? They spend at least 15 minutes a day fishing out the bugs, they won't swim with them in it.

{10} What is for dinner??? We were grocery shopping yesterday, yes, me and my 5 kiddos. The looks I get when I bring them with me, people think I am crazy. Okay anyway, Alyssa always picks up these recipes and then we try them. Well, yesterday was the jackpot, I made Beefy Bean Tostadas. I will have to post the recipe. It was a huge hit with everyone!!! So what to make tonight?

{11} So while shopping yesterday we found these amazing crackers or at least we all think so, being from Wisconsin. They are Wisconsin Colby Cheese Wheat Thins, oh so yummy!!!!!

Enjoy your Monday because soon it will be Tuesday......... =)


DORCAS said...

AWWEE!! You so sweet! I sure hope we see each other soon! It's been too long! Love your randomness! So glad you got that stuff organized! One room at a time my dear! Slow and steady :P Awesome about Autumn!!!! God is good!!! all the time!!!! He is good!!!!!


Barbie said...

Can you send some of your organizing motivation my way? I so am not in the mood for any of those things these days. We use to have a dog that barked all night long and I never hesitated to call the cops. I mean seriously! I cannot believe you go shopping with all 5 kids? I didn't dare go anywhere with all 4 of mine, although two of mine are 6 and 9 years older than the last two. It was nice getting to know you!

Jocelyn said...

I am with you on organizing and finding things that I didn't know I had or that I forgot about:-) My fav way to organize my scrap paper are the plastic 12x12 folders at Michaels...I have mine in those sorted by color and pattern in some metal hanging bins.

Mrs. Jennifer said...

It's the chap stick. Your lips are addicted. They don't produce their own "stuff" anymore. Try to find something natural and don't use as aften.

Oh my goodness - neighbors' dogs. What could be worse?? When I was pregtnant and not sleeping well and insane, I stormed outside and over to my neighbors fence at 2:00 a.m. and started yelling at their dumb dog. They shortly came out and brought him in. I guess it worked.

alicia said...

Great post, Cristi!
so glad the pool was worth it! We had found a cover/tarp to put on ours at night to keep the bugs out of it. I isn't perfect, but sure helps.

Burt's Bees Chapstick... and if you can, just once at night and maybe in the morning. I struggle with that too!

God gives us great girlfriends, and the beautiful thing with technology is that the world is much smaller than it used to be!
Blessings to you!!