Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Much Needed Fav Photo Tueday....

Wow have I missed posting, I did not realize how much. So I hope you are ready for photo over load!!!! Can you believe Autumn is almost 8 months old, she is now crawling backwards, almost sitting up all by herself and rolls all over. She is growing to fast for her mamma!!! The older 3 girls are really enjoying school and are doing great in school. Zander I can not believe is 4 now. He loves his time home with mommy and Autumn. He still loves puzzles, blocks, cars, all sports and he is so stinkin cute!!! Where does the time go???

So on to Fav Photo Tuesday, I decided I would break up the pictures and I will share the Birthday pictures tomorrow. So here are the pictures of when I was in Wisconsin.

Learning to crawl

Grandpa DeMar (my Dad) and Autumn

Autumn and Grandma DeMar (My Mom)

Melissa (my sister in law) and My Mom feeling the babies moving

Autumn and Grandma DeMar

Autumn and Aunt Jenell (Craig's Sister)

Autumn and Great Grandma Hansen (Craig's Grandma)

Grandma DeMar, Autumn and Great Grandpa Marsh (my Mom's Dad)

Autumn and Great Grandpa Marsh

Daniel, Dorcas and Autumn

(my brother) Billy, Autumn and I

Grandpa DeMar (my Dad) and Autumn

Melissa, Billy, Autumn and my Mom