Sunday, February 7, 2010

I rock, LOL

I am so proud of myself!! I figured out how to make my own header and edit the page divider thing. I love my header now. I am so glad I figured it out. Of course I used the same background copyed a few times to make my header as what I have and I don't claim it as my own. I just tweaked it so I could make a header to match and added text. I am so excited to have something valentinish, lol.

Well, Yesterday was my baby shower and it was so much fun. We played some fun games courtesy of Joy. The first was guess how much toilet paper would go around my belly. 12 sheets to be exact, lol... Then they played pass the present. Kind of like musical chairs but whoever got the present would unwrap the present and and it continued to go around until it was all the way around an whoever ended up with it unwrapped when the music went of was the winner. Then they played write a funny story with 20 words from the list joy gave, had to use them all. I had to pick a winner, every ones were funny. I got lots of great gifts!! It really was such a blessing and a wonderful time!

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