Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sleepless night....

Autumn is 10 days old today. Autumn is such a sweet baby. She has her days and nights mixed up or maybe she just wants to be held all of the time! Last night she was up for 4 hours and did not like it when I put her down. But other then that she really never cries unless she is hungry or I change her diaper. She does not like to be cold at all!!

The kids are all adjusting to her so well and really are doing great. It has not been bad at all. I figured lots of fits and acting out but there really has not been much. It actually has just been like normal :) God is so good! Autumn just fits in our family perfect. It is so crazy, it does not feel much different having 5 then 4. Our children are so precious!!!!

Sorry I have not posted the birth story. With family here it has been hard to be online much, I would rather spend time with them :) My Dad got here yesterday and it has been so wonderful having both of our parents here. Such a blessing!! My Dad brought Autumn a gift. He got her 2 pj's, an outfit and some onsies and pair of pants all newborn, YEAH, she actually has clothes to wear. They are all so cute too!!! He has great taste!! Autumn is such a peanut that even the newboarn stuff is big.


Elizabeth Anne Weddings said...

love it! soak in the love, hugs to you sweetie!

Cristi said...

Love you Liz, big hugs!!!