Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What to post about???

Well, nothing to exciting going on..... Still on bed rest and sitting on the couch. I made two cards the other day, finished a book and half way through a new book. Today I think I am going to scrapbook, Craig took my table and moved it this weekend and I forgot to ask him to put it back so today before the girls left for school I asked them to move it. Which they did and helped me set it all back up. I hope I get some motivation and get some scrapping done!!

I so want to go shopping for things I want to get to organize Autumn's clothes but it will have to wait till after the 2nd. Then I should be off bed rest. I might actually wait till after my shower on the 6th. Yes, that is right I get to have a baby shower, I am so excited!!!! I have not had one since Alyssa so it will be so fun to get a few new things for Autumn! I have been so board, I made a baby registry at Target, so silly but it was fun to make a list of wants and needs..... Not that I acspect anything from it but it was fun and something to keep me busy, lol!!

If I get anything done today in my scrapbook I will take some pics and post them.

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