Saturday, January 30, 2010


Or something like that, lol. I have had way to much energy the last few days and just can not sit still. Yesterday, I went through the bins and found all of Autumn's clothes and Craig washed it all. He also washed all of the other laundry and I folded everything and the girls put there stuff away. I put Craig, mine and Zander's away. Autumns are still in a basket for me to organize and put away. I cleaned the girls closet yesterday and figured out a new way to organize there books and socks and under ware. I wanted to be able to use the little plastic dresser in the girls room for Autumns clothes. There closet looks so much better!! I then ventured into Zander's room to put something away and his room was a disaster so I made him come help me clean it up. So we cleaned it and put everything away and I hung up all his laundry and reorganized his drawers a little.

Today I had Craig grab me out another bin because I was missing a dress for Autumn and I wanted to make sure I had it somewhere. I found it and then helped him put some odds and ends laying in the garage away and organized a few of the other bins. Finished folding a few more loads of laundry Craig did and put them all away. I got Autumn's cradle ready, put her bedding in it and just put a few other things in there places and ironed my nursing cover. Then Alyvia and I ventured to Walmart to get a few things we needed (valentines candy to finish our project for school), I know bad but I just had to get out of the house. Then we stopped at Mark, Joy and Kelly's house to drop something off for Kelly. We got to meet Kelly's boyfriend Anthony and sat a talked for awhile. Then we came home, Alyvia, Zander and I finished up the girls school valentines and now we are just realizing and washing clothes. I just keep thinking of the things I should be doing. Put Autumn's clothes away and finish washing the stained things. Wash up her car seat and I need to still pack a bag for the hospital. Trying to remember what I need for the hospital and I really should make a list of things I still need to pick up for her and myself. But i kind of want to wait till after my shower next Saturday. I am hoping and praying she stays in till next Tuesday the 9th, so my mom will be here!!

Well, here are a few pictures. The finished valentine project and my belly at 36 weeks and 4 days....


My Creative Time said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Christi! Wow you look so cute & READY! your valentine treats are adorable & I also love the Thank you baby cards you made~ very very CUTE!

Cristi said...

Thank you Emma!! I love all of your projects, you are so creative!!!! I love to see what you are going to make next!