Thursday, January 21, 2010

A great suprise box!!!

Yesterday I heard the door bell ring and did not know who it could be. Well, it was our mail man with a suprise box from my amazing thoughtful friend Liz!!! It was amazing opening, I could tell she took the time and thought about every detail. I love you girly. She wrote the sweetest note. Here are pictures of my amazing package! I just realized you can click on the picture to see the picture up close!

Isn't the packaging awesome. Each group of items were packaged like that...
Stuff for Autumn...

Candy, NUMMY!!
Two super cute shirts, lotion and nail poish.. How did she know my toes needed a little color??
Zander got some super cute books he was so excited to open them!!

LOVE this shirt!!! I am wearing it today!
Some insperation!!!
Liz again THANK YOU so so much!!!!


Elizabeth Anne Weddings said...

i find it so loving that you posted a blog on the box. :) thats just so sweet of you!!! I'm so glad you like the shirts-you look fab in them!! :) did alyssa paint your nails last night? :)
love you back!

Cristi said...

Alyssa did not get a chance but I am hoping tomorrow evening or for sure Saturday. Oh and I had to post the box on my blog is the highlight of my day!!