Friday, January 8, 2010

Can you believe it, 2 post in one day...

Well, I got the most adorable handmade gift from Aubrey teacher today. She is AMAZING!!! I had asked her a couple months back how much a blanket would be and she was like I don't normally charge. So today Nora dropped off a crocheted blanket and bunny. Pink and brown my favorite!! I absolutely LOVE it and I was so surprised!!! I will have to make her a card and a little thank you gift!

Something very ironic or it was a God thing ;).. Each of my children have a little animal that represents them by a gift they were given as a baby. I actually wanted Autumn to be a bunny because even in my belly she reminds me of a little bunny!! I also bought her a little outfit to come home from the hospital in that is pink and brown with a bunny on it and a little matching bunny blanket.

Here are a few pictures of Autumn's sweet gifts and I will share the diaper bag my parents bought me too for Christmas. LOVE IT!!!

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