Sunday, January 24, 2010


I had a relaxing Saturday, I made about 7 bows for Autumn. It took me most of the day and finished them up today. I love making them. I bought little headbands on ebay so I can attatch the bows so she can wear them. I just hope the bows are not way to big :)..... Now I just need some brown and pink ribbon so I can make a few bows to match all of her brown and pink outfits. If only I could go to the store;).. Here are a few pictures.
The one with the flowery ribbon is from the package Liz sent me. I loved it!!! I wish the white and yellow one layed right or I noticed it when I was taking the picture it was one of my favs!!!
The second picture is some bows I made awhile back for the girls...

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