Sunday, January 3, 2010


Well, I thought I better update. Lot has happened since I updated a few days ago. First off I spent about 5 hours in the hospital on the 29th with contractions. I went in to the clinic and was monitored and was having contractions every 5 mins. so they sent me over to the hospital. Rachel L. Came and stayed with me at the hospital so I did not have to be alone, Which was super sweet!! After a shot of trebutaline and an ivy of fluids, they go my contractions to stop. They sent me home on meds every 6 hours and told me to take it easy. I was so glad to be able to go home and not be stuck in the hospital!! I went back in on Thursday to be monitored for a while and they said I need to come in twice a week and be on bed rest. Not fun but thankfully my hubby is the best!!!!

While I was in the hospital Nora kept the kids and they made cookies with Rachel, they loved it. Oh, I just have to add, Zander was all concerned and very serious!! Zander said don't put espresso in that cookie, that's our favorite dog! To CUTE!!!!!

Happy New year, we had a low key new years eve and actually went to bed before 10. But New Years Day we went over and hung out at Nora and Rex's. Was nice to be with people and not be stuck in the house..... and eat nummy food!!!!

So now today is Sunday and I am sitting her waiting for Craig and the kids to get home from church. It has been relaxing to be confined to the couch or bed. I just feel bad Craig has to work all day and then come home and clean, make dinner and do everything I normally do. But he really has been wonderful. He told me I can make up for it once Autumn comes.

Mommy love you Autumn stay in my belly for at least another 4 or 5 weeks. You have to come home with me from the hospital, I could not imagine leaving you at the hospital!! Grow Grow and get strong!!

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