Friday, January 29, 2010

Dr. appointment

Well, I went to the Dr yesterday and they hooked me to the monitor as usual. I was on there for only a few minutes when Autumn got the hiccups, it was actually the second time she has had the hiccups while I was hooked to the monitor. Oh it was so cute!!! Zander thought it was cool to here her with the hiccups. I so can not wait to meet her!!!! The Dr said I can go off my meds and bed rest is 4 days which will be Monday, yeah MONDAY will be my last day on bed rest and meds!!! I am excited and a little nervous at the same time. I don't want Autumn to come before the 8Th so my mom can be here. I asked my Dr if he was going to check to see what position she was in and so he did an ultrasound. She was so adorable but would not let us see her little face very well. He tried to get a good 3D picture but it did not work very well. She measured at about 6lbs 5oz and she was head down and engaged (meaning in the birth canal).... Zander was such a good boy the whole time and just sat and talked, looked at his books and read to me.

I painted my own toes can you believe it, lol. I painted them on Tuesday, I was going to have Alyssa do it but I thought I would at least try myself. My belly was really in the way but they look pretty good!!

I actually went to the store yesterday, I know bad Cristi!! Well, I drank a glass of milk and not sure but I think there was worms in it! SO SO NASTY!!!!! I seriously don't know if I will be able to drink milk for awhile. They exchanged it and apologized over and over! Makes me feel sick just thinking about it! EWWWWW

I got all of the newborn clothes and the new stuff I got for gifts recently washed and put away. Today I am planning on going through all of the bins from the girls of 0-3 and Zander's to see what she can wear so I can get it all washed up. Craig got the bins out for me before he left for work. I need to also in the next week get a bag packed for the hospital. I hope I can remember everything I need.

Here are a couple pictures from the last few days!

My toes painted, lol!!

Zander in his outfit he picked to go to the Dr. He even got himself dressed!

Alyssa's Birdhouse she made with her daddy for a school science project.

The finished thank you cards with glitter on all of the feet...

Here is a card I made for Aubrey's teacher for the blanket and bunny she made for Autumn! The picture is a little blurry..


4 Angels Corner said...

love your toes!

Cristi said...

I needed you to paint them, lol! Remember when I was pregnant with Z and you painted my toes?? Miss you!