Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Please pray......... updated

We are so blessed, our pastors wife came over yesterday and went got us a few grocery's. Today she came back, made us lunch and dinner. She is going to make us dinner tomorrow night also. What a wonderful blessing to us, takes a little burden off of Craig. But while Priscilla was here today she got a horrible phone call from her mom, Her mom has cancer!! So very sad, please pray for her and there family!! Such a sweet lady!

I just wanted to clarify Priscilla is our Pastors wife not Priscilla Finstad.

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Caroline said...

Cristi! I didn't know any of this -- I am glad to read your Blog. Rest, rest, rest! So sweet what you wrote to Autumn! Great name!!
I will be praying for Priscilla and her family. God, bring healing - move in power for your children Lord. Even now, at this hour, flow through her body and bring your healing - thank you Jesus.
Good job Craig! Way to man up :)
Praying for you two too.