Thursday, April 29, 2010

Happy Birthday to the most wonderful MOM and Brother ever!!!!!

Today is a very special day for two extraordinary people. I can not tell you how much I love them and adore them. God has blessed me so much with such an amazing was family. My Mom is so AMAZING, my HERO. I love you both and hope you have the most Wonderful and Blessed Birthday!!!

The most amazing parents ever!!
Here is my amazing brother Billy with Zander.

Today is Dreaming on Thursday. 
I have been dreaming all week of a Carmel Macchiato from Starbucks. I just love Starbuck, I wish it was not so expensive for a silly Coffee that I so LOVE.....

I have also been dreaming this week of a day at the spa with my bestest friends. My mom, Melissa (my sister in law) and my sweet friend Dorcas. What an amazing day that would be of laughs and pampering, oh what sweet joys!!!   

Oh, I have been dreaming for months now of new clothes. I was almost tempted to nominate myself for What Not to Wear. But I don't think that would work. But new clothes and a day of shopping with no children would be AMAZING!!


DORCAS said...

HAHAHA! the " What not to Wear" cracked me up! Hilarious!!!! HAppy birthday!!!! btw the spa thing, Oh! that sounds so good. We need to do it when you are in town. SERIOUSLY!!! I love you girly!!!

DORCAS said...

I should say " Happy birthday Cathy and Billy!!!"

Anonymous said...