Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fav Photo Tuesday...

We have been so very much enjoying Brian and the girls visit. They drove out to visit us and the rest of the family for a few weeks, they got here last Monday night. The girls have been here every chance they can playing. It has really been so much fun to have them here and the girls are enjoying each other so much. We have missed the so much!
Friday night Uncle Mark had all of the girls over for a slumber party which they enjoyed so much!!! Then Saturday evening he watched all of them plus Zander. Brian blessed us by taking Craig, Rex, Nora and I out to eat at Outback Steak House for dinner and then treated us also to a movie. We saw Date Night, it was a very funny movie but they did push the limits with the language for being a PG13 movie. Autumn and I stood in the back and watched it since she was not fond of the theater. (note to sell Autumn is not like my other baby's who would sleep through any movie) Wow, were my legs soar from bouncing and swaying for 2 hours. Autumn just did not like the theater at all, poor girl. I am guess it was the noise. She is a very light sleeper, which you would not think she would be with 4 siblings. It was a very fun night and we enjoyed hanging out with them so much!!

Well here are my favorite Photo's from this week...........
I so LOVE her big smiles!!!


Emma just LOVES to hold Autumn!

Zander and Autumn hanging out outside while I cook on the grill.


DORCAS said...

Zander is so handsome! Cutie! Love the yawning one too! CUTE!

Elizabeth Anne Weddings said...

Autumn is seriously so so so so cute! I want to squeeze her!!!
once one of my girls was like that in a theatre and I stood in the back too. I understand.
Who is Brian?
This song is beautiful.