Friday, April 9, 2010

Dreaming on Thursday or maybe Friday........

I have been so bad about updating my blog the last few days, I just keep finding things I should be doing. Like the dreaded LAUNDRY, cleaning, dishes and cooking, OH and cleaning windows......... Yes, I said windows I must have been feel ambitious, hehehehe, because I did almost all of the inside and outside of the windows except for the windows outside I could not reach. Amazing for me!!!!
This week Autumn has been a SLEEPY little girl! She is such a sweet heart and oh so smiley I love it!! It has been such a change from last week! I started giving her probiotics once a day buy getting my finger wet and dipping it in the probiotics and giving it to her. It has made a HUGE difference. She does not seem to be nearly in as much pain from her tummy hurting and she is sleeping wonderful at night too. I have been having to wake her up during the day to eat.
So yesterday was Dreaming on Thursday and I did not get a chance to post it so this week it is dreaming on Friday, HEHEHEHEHE. I have not done this post in a few weeks so here is what I am dreaming of this week......

First off my friend Dorcas and I have been joking about this all week. A money tree...... Wouldn't that ROCK!!!! What things we could buy and be debt free. Not to have to worry about anything would be amazing!!!

Next I am dreaming of a vacation with my hubby on a tropical Island. I would love to go back to Hawaii. It is such a beautiful relaxing place!!! My favorite place on earth.

Oh to dream, this is a really big dream of mine! To have my own scrapbooking room or even just a corner and to be organized so I can find it easily. Not to have to put everything away every time we have people over would be so AWESOME!!!!

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DORCAS said...

ME and YOU both! Hilarious! I want that room too! I want the tree too! And I want a vacation! Too much alike! LOL