Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fav Photo Tuesday......

So I made it through Spring Break without loosing my mind. I was close yesterday but I was saved by my wonderful husband coming home to save the day. He made dinner, cleaned up most of the kitchen, gave the kids a bath and even put them to bed. He is seriously the best, he new I was having a ruff day and he made it so much better by helping out so much!!! The girls are off to school and we are back to our normal more relaxed day, I hope.

So today is fav photo Tuesday, here they are.......

There was a rabbit in our yard and it never moved even when we went outside so Zander decided he was going to go see it.

The rabbit noticed he was getting to close, hehehe.

Blowing a Dandelion

Aubrey and Zander don't like taking pictures so they are always so goofy!!

A Big Yawn

She looks so sad. Her hands were so dry I made her put some lotion on. Not really sure why she was sad about that though. 

Alyssa watching the kickball game but I caught this photo when she was looking down.

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DORCAS said...

I love them all! My fav is the last one! It's good! She looks like she's in deep thought! LOL