Monday, May 24, 2010

My 1st Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1. Loosing weight...... I need to do this so bad!!! But how?????? My hubby wants me to do low carb with him but I am not sure it is a good choice of a diet for me while I am nursing. But I am trying to figure out a better idea!?! What to do, I can't keep going up, it must go down!!

2. Getting ready for the day is something I ALWAYS wait till the last minute to do. I rarely get dressed before noon and then I have to rush to get ready to go pick up the girls from school. Why do I do this?!?!
3. Clutter.... I feel like my house is so full of clutter and nothing is organized. I know I posted about this the other day but I can not get it out of my head. I need to get going room to room and get this house back in order!

4. Zander.... as I sit here and type this he is crafting away at his little table in the living room. He is just so cute. He loves to color, draw, put stickers on paper, cut paper, use glue and tape on everything possible. I love all of his creations. He has quite the imagination!!!!

5. Organization..... I wish organizing stuff was not so expensive. I need to get this house organized. Oh, did I say that already, hee hee!

6. BOWS.... I love making them and creating them. It is a new love! I am thinking about doing a giveaway on my scrapbooking blog. A few bows. So keep an eye out for that!!

7. Saturday I found or I should say my cupcakes found the most disgusting spider in there room, of all places. It was huge!!!. AUHHHH

I hope you enjoyed my silly little post on Miscellany Monday........


carissa @ lowercase letters said...

thanks so much for joining in! your blog is presh and your family is adorable! i finally lost my last 10 lbs after i quit nursing! i know a lot of people say nursing helps shed the weight (which i'm sure it does) but for me, i finally got rid of it all when i was done! maybe you should just try to eat healthier without a specific diet and then exercise too?! but, you have lots of kiddies so you know much more than i! : ) have a great week!

Mrs. Jennifer said...

Ick to spideys. Blech.

I'm with you - don't skip any food group while your baby depends on it. Make healthy food choices, get a little exercise. How are you on soft drinks? - skip them, you'll never regret it! Think healthy - you can do it!! Slow and steady!

tea said...

I'm the same way about clutter..once I notice it, it drives me crazy. And it seems like getting ready for the day is such a big chore. I usually wait a while to get ready too.

alicia said...

Ugh, clutter! You saw my closet... that wasn't the worst of my clutter! I am so in need of an intervention. My office is scary.

Great miscellany Monday!

Lynda Young said...

great list. The fastest way I lose weight is by doing some exercise and cutting chocolate from my diet ;)

Cristi said...

Thank you everyone. I have decided to just cut sugar, breads and cereal and watch what I am eating. I need to start walking but it is hard with 5 kids to make the time but I will try. I just want to be healthier and feel better about myself.
HUGS and thank you for all of the incoraging words!