Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I just love to spend time with my Mom. She is one very special women, one of God's greatest creations. This week we got to spend a lot of time together. She was here from Tuesday to Tuesday, so that means yesterday I had to bring her to the airport and I was so sad to see her go home. But blessed at the same time that she came and helped me while Craig was out of town, (my wonderful DH).

We took the kids to the park, went for a walk, I helped her make her own blog, she read lots of books to the kids, played games, hung out and just had fun together!! Oh and Starbucks, I can't forget our almost daily visit. Starbucks would be one of my moms favorite thing, STARBUCKS!!! Her fav drink, Iced Decaf Black Cherry Mocha with light ice and my fav drink is Iced Upside Down Caramel Macchiato, extra Carmel and light ice. NUMMY!!!

So let me start from the beginning of last week, on our way home from the airport on Tuesday she asked me if I would be willing to do a Bible study with her for practice because she was going to do a bible study with some women at home when she got back and wanted to go over the material. I thought oh what would be the harm, it would be a good way to spend time together and fun to dig into the word together. This would not be the first time either she has had me be her ginny pig. Well, what I did not know was that it would also be painful, healing and eye opening!!! So after lots of tears, praying and reading God's word, I have learned a lot about myself  and God's true LOVE for us. I have always struggled with loving myself, let alone even liking myself and with His healing, I am learning to love myself again.

He has made everything is BEAUTIFUL in his time. Ecclesiates 3:11

I remember as a child, I went with my mom to a Dr appointment and on the wall I remember seeing in one of the Dr offices a poster that said. God did not make junk and it had a kitty above it. It is amazing how I still remember it to this day, like it was yesterday. It was a time in my life as a preteen that I just felt worthless and ugly. Here was a little way of God showing me, He loves us so much.

God is so amazing. It seemed every chapter we would read would have to do with something that was going on in my life or something we had talked about earlier that day or the day before. It was amazing to me how everything lined up. If you want to check out the Bible study we did it is called Captivating Heart to Heart by Stasi Eldredge.

Last night as I was laying in bed before I drifted off. God showed me how I see myself and how He sees me.
This is how see myself......
This is how God sees me and wants me to see myself. I am working on it.


Mom said...

WOW! I am amazed and over joyed at what God did.. I had a wonderful time visiting and loving on all of you. Thank you for sharing. I will be sending all the ladies that are doing this series to your blog.. What a beautiful testimony.. You are beautiful inside and out.. I am a blessed beyond measure.. Love you Cristi my dear..

alicia said...

Always, always a great lesson!! God does not make mistakes!! My best friend told me awhile back that if my friends talked to me the way I talk to me, we wouldn't be friends! That was eye opening!!
Hugs to you today!!

DORCAS said...

I love you girly! Thanks so much for sharing! You are beautiful!!!!!


Elizabeth Anne Weddings said...

i love that book! and LOVE how God reveals himself to us. perfection.