Wednesday, May 12, 2010

God is Amazing!!!!

So this weekend we had the most AMAZING time. My brother Billy and his wife Melissa came to visit. We had not seen Billy since Christmas and Melissa since September. They came to spend time with us, we played games, watched movies and just hung out. They also came to tell us the most AMAZING news ever, they are pregnant!!!! We have been praying for them for a few years now. It has been a long journey for them. But God is so very faithful and gave her the desires of her heart. She is pregnant and with TWINS, yes, twins!!! God is so good. She has always said she would love to have twins. And look what God did for her. They found out on Easter Sunday they were expecting and went in and had an ultrasound. On the first ultrasound there was only one baby. So they had another appointment on the 29th of April which was my brother's birthday. They figured they would not have another ultrasound at the appointment because they already had one earlier but the Dr asked if they had time to do one. So the Dr. was looking around and low and behold there was baby B. Even the Dr was shocked and they are so blessed!! Melissa is really doing great and feeling wonderful. She is 10 weeks along and the baby's look wonderful and healthy and growing at the right pace. I am so excited and beyond thankful for them! 

I just wanted to share this touching video with you today. God has us all in his hands and he knew us and has a plan for each of us before we were even conceived in our mothers womb.

So my mom is here this week and I am enjoying having her here so very very much!!!!


DORCAS said...

*TEARS* Thanks Cristi

Love you!

Mrs. Jennifer said...

SO great! What a sweet fam! Looks like little Alec is going to have his hands full protecting all those sisters when he gets big! Maybe his cousins will be boys so they can help a fella' out!

Rachel said...

God is so good!!! Alleluia! That is an amazing, amazing story. Thank you for sharing.