Saturday, May 22, 2010

I got my very 1st AWARD!!!!

My very sweet friend Dorcas gave me a blog award: The Versatile Blogger. I was so excited to receive my first AWARD!! I feel so special and blessed. 

So I decided to look up what versatile really means and here is the meaning in the Webster Dictionary (tell me if you think I deserved it and if you think I meet this description):

1 : changing or fluctuating readily : variable

2 : embracing a variety of subjects, fields, or skills; also : turning with ease from one thing to  
I think she might think I am a little CRAZY........ But she is right I am a little..... TEE HEE HEE and yes, I do have to capability to go from thing to the next within a second.
According to the rules, to accept this award I have to tell you seven random things about myself. This might be hard but I will try my best.

1. I love God with all my heart and have for as long as I can remember. Without His love and faithfulness I am nothing. He is who I call on everyday of my life for His strength, PEACE, grace, help, Strength (oh did I say that already???) and His forgiveness..........
2. My hubby has to be the best in the world. I am not just saying this, I truly mean this!! God has given me the greatest, most loving, caring, thoughtful man and he know just how to make me smile when I have had a ruff day. He shows up just when I need him most and he is always there to stand beside me!! He is the most wonderful Husband and Father to our little cupcakes! I love my little cupcakes. (no, I am not referring to the dessert but to my sweet children). God's sweetest GIFT!!

3. I LOVE coffee and chocolate.  

4. Laundry, I despise laundry......... Do I need to say more?!?!

5. I enjoy scrapbooking, card making, bow making and creating little gifts for the people in my life.

6. My house is so full of clutter, I just realized this today. It is worse then I thought. I need someone to come help me get this house decluttered!!!!! 

7. I love to decorate and design rooms, I would love to be a home stagger. Maybe some day....... 

I guess this was way easier then I thought. I could go on and on about me, lol.
So that is my 7. Now I would like to pass this award to some wonderful ladies I enjoy reading their blogs. Hope on over and take a peak at there blogs.

I enjoy all of there blogs so much and they all deserve a little recognition!!!!


GlowinGirl said...

Fellow sister, it's nice to meet you. :) Thanks for visiting Sugar Tails, and I covet your prayers for my friends. Thank you for being willing to lift them up.

Let's see. While I don't enjoy laundry, I'd much rather do that than clean the bathrooms or mop.

I pretty much think my husband's the best, but we'll just have to agree to disagree. ;)

And your cupcakes look sweet!

Congrats on your award!!

tea said...

Wow, thanks so much!! What a nice surprise! I enjoyed reading your 7 facts. ..I despise dishes..maybe I could do your laundry and you could do my dishes?? ;)

Anonymous said...

Loved learning about you! I'm over from homemaker's heart. I hate laundry too. xo

My Creative Time said...

Thank you SOOO Much Christi! I am truly honored! Forgive me if I don't follow the rules right away! lol...I have LOTS of fun stuff coming up! I hope you join me!:) Thanks again my friend & have a WONDERFUL night;)