Thursday, July 22, 2010

Trusting and Another Dreamin on Thursday..

Last night as I was feeding Autumn, worry started to creep in. That happens when I sit alone nursing the baby, just thinking....... So, I turn to my trusty computer for entertainment to keep my mind of things. I had just happened to clicked on one of my favorite blogs to read (I tend to catch up on my blog reading while nursing Autumn, not that I ever get behind, hee hee), Finding Joy. Her post really spoke to my heart! Click on HERE to read her post. She just reminded me that I just need to trust and rest in him and to thank him. Thank you so much Rachel for you blog post!!!

Yes, everyday is not an easy breezy day but when we learn to lean and trust God it is so much better. He will guide us and lead us in the right direction. These last two years have been a roller coaster of learning and trusting God. When money started to not flow like it was, I got scared. I did not know how we were going to pay for the girls school let alone even food. Now two school years later, some how God has provided beyond my wildest dreams! It is amazing what God can do and will do when you put everything in his hands. No everyday is not easy for me to trust him with everything. I struggle but something always brings be back to remembering to trust with my whole heart and leaving it all at his feet. Sometimes it is a phone call from a friend or maybe a sweet blog post ;-) or a smile from one of my sweet children. They are all gifts from him placed in our lives for a purpose. So enjoy every minute and rest at his feet.

For this weeks Dreamin on Thursday:

1. Today I am dreaming of being in God's presents and worshiping at his feet. Here is a beautiful song I wanted to share with all of you........

2. Rachel is doing a giveaway for a super cute teething bling and I am dreaming of winning this super cute necklace. Autumn would love me and Rachel if I won!! So click here for the link to her giveaway, go and check it out and enter too.


DORCAS said...

thanks for the wonderful reminder dear!


Crystal Roberts said...

That's when I catch up on my blog reading as well, and nursing for me is also the time I am tempted to worry the most too. I am a new follower, you have a really nice blog!

tea said...

Lovely thoughts! :)