Monday, July 19, 2010

Miscellany Monday....

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{1} Thoughts - Why do I always have my whole blog post written in my head while I am laying in bed at night and then when I go to post it, I can not for the life of me remember what I was going to say. Does this ever happen to you?? I guess I should get up and write it.
{2} VBS - This week my girls are off to vacation bible school from 9 to 12. I hope they learn a lot and have a blast!! I don't think we have done VBS in years, I am excited for them but they were so scared before they left!!
{3} Hands - Have you ever had a baby that was so obsessed with there hands? Autumn just loves to look at her hands, she will lay and stare at her hands at every angle for 30 minutes or more. It really is so cute, it is amazing how much she learns everyday!
{4} Smiles - Baby smiles are the best. Autumns smile is just so sweet, all I have to do to get a sweet smile is smile at her. Love it!!!
Sorry this picture is not the best quality, I took it with my camera phone. But I just love this picture and had to share her sweet smile!
{5} Weekends - Oh how I hate don't like when you end. I love having my hubby home. I kind of check out from kitchen duty on the weekends. It gives me a little break and it really is wonderful but then Monday comes and reality hits that the dishes look like they have not been done in days. Though I did do them Saturday night but now they are overflowing from not doing them Sunday, that is the day I most boycott the kitchen!!! I just love having my hubby home, relaxing, watch a movie with him and his home made popcorn :)
{6} Cleaning - Why do I despise you so much?!?! I always used to love cleaning and getting everything sparkly but since I had Autumn I am horrible about keeping my house. If someone came to my house right now I would be so embarrassed. It is such a mess, dishes over flowing the sink, laundry over flowing on my laundry room floor, bathrooms need cleaned, vacuuming needs done, windows need washed, everything needs dusted, bedding needs washed, paper all over the floor from Zander dumping out my scrap bin yesterday, the kids toys are everywhere and there rooms are a disaster!!!!
{7Coffee - I need to go get another cup, I need to get some energy to get this cleaning done!!!

I just found Mingle Monday and decided to link up, how fun.....
Our Homeschool Home
Happy Monday my blogging friends!!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm right there with you, another cup of coffee is what I need right about now !!! So much to clean today !!!

Happy Monday !!!

DORCAS said...

HEE! HEE! Coffee here we come!


alicia said...

oohh! #1 yes, yes, and yes! Or while I am in the middle of something I get this great post in me head, later I go to the computer and *blank*
So frustrating! ;)

Cristi said...

I actually put my phone by my bed the last night and used the note feature actually last night when a thought came to me, lol. Good thing i had it. :-)