Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dreamin on Thursday...

I am dreaming this week of the little things in life.....

{1} That my computer power cord would work and stop acting up so I don't have to try to find a new one. For about a month now my computer cord has been not charging my computer and then charging when it wants to. So now it has to be turned a certain way for it to charge. Just a pain!!!!

{2} Dust would magically clean itself. Living in the desert there are endless amounts of dust. I can dust, turn around and there is dust again.

{3} A new pair of cute shoes!! Not sure why but I am, oh maybe a pedicure to go with them!!! My feet could use some good pampering.

{4} A big hug from my Mom!!!! I miss her this week so much. There is nothing like a hug from your mom!

My mom with Autumn

{5} Last but not least for this week, a little ENERGY or maybe a solid nights sleep!!!!! Now that is real dreamin.

Happy Thursday Blogging Friends.


Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful picture of your mom and daughter :) Priceless !!!

By the way thank you so much for the great potato ideas !! The soup sounds fabulous !!!


carissa @ lowercase letters said...

what a sweet pic! i'm so with you on 2 and 3! oh and how could i forget #5! that would be a real dream come true.

DORCAS said...

Dreaming with you sweets! I need a pedi sooo bad!



Mrs. Jennifer said...

Girrrrrl, what is it about energy and sleep!?! I think once you become a mom it leaves and never returns!

tea said...

Aww, great dreams. I hope you get some rest. :)