Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fav Photo Tuesday - a Life of FIRSTS!!!

 Life is full of firsts!!!! It is amazing how many we had in the last two weeks! ENJOY our first.

First 2nd Grade Picture Day

First 5th Grade Picture Day

First Kindergarden picture day!!!

First time Mommy had time to curl all of there hair for school. (Picture day)

First picnic on the trampoline

Zander's first time on the trampoline.

Daddy and Autumn (I just love this picture so I had to share)

Our unwanted visitor!!!!! My first time ever seeing a real live trantula.

Autumn's first owie :(

First time pulling up to her feet. She is growning up WAY to fast!!! Please slow down, Autumn.


Anonymous said...

I lOVE all your 1st's :) The last picture of yourr little one pulling herself up is sweet !

alicia said...

Great firsts! Your kids are just too adorable.
Next time, skip the spider picture, I about fell off my chair trying to get away! ;)