Thursday, December 10, 2009

I have to go to bed but...

I just had to share my accomplishment for the day. I organized our master closet! It was a disaster to say the least. I worked on it from 9:30 till about 1:30. I am so so so soar and tired but it was so worth it. It looks amazing!!! I will have to take pictures. I dont think it has been that clean since we moved in, lol. I am excited to have everything in its place and I know were everything is and can find the clothes that actually fit ;)... Plus now I have room for Autumn's things, I need to go through her clothes in the next few days to make a list of what we still need for her.

Tomorrow is another day and my goal at the moment is to go through all of Aubrey's clothes and Clean the bathroom. We will see how much energy I have. Well, I so have to go to bed. So good night!

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