Monday, December 7, 2009

29 weeks

I am 29 weeks tomorrow..... Autumn has been moving so much it is really cool. Aubrey got to feel her baby sister 2 days ago. She just kept saying I feel her. Aubrey loves to talk to her it is so sweet!

We put up our Christmas tree Friday and decorated the house for Christmas. What a change from not decorating our own house in over 5 years. It was nice to be able to use the decorations we have. I actually found decorations that still had tags on that I did not know I had. So very neat, plus I got to use all of the Awesome ornaments my Grandma and Grandpa Marsh have given me through the years for my Birthday. SO very special! I can not wait to see the one they got me this year!! I miss them alot!

Zander and I are enjoying a chilli day at home, cuddled up in front of the tv and just enjoying the Christmas shows on Disney. It was funny this morning I had to drop the girls off at school and I did not get dressed so I ust ran down in my jammies. Well, I had to drop somthing off at the post office and pick something up. I thought it would be quick well not so. There was a line out and circled around. So everyone saw us in our jammies. At least it is the norm in Yucca, lol!! Not something I normally do ;)

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